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3/19/23, 1:45:29 PM 
I challenge anyone- check out the stats for TT against any opposition on the first match following carnival and while at it, check out the results of all matches going back 25 years right after carnival.

You will be shocked to learn the last time they won a match after carnival, yet you have a TTCBC man who could be CWI president and they can't figure how to change this stat.

No decent sports franchise would have allowed this to continue, its almost a guaranteed victory for the lucky team to play against TT right after carnival.

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3/19/23, 5:23:08 PM 
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You cracked it

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3/20/23, 11:26:04 AM 
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TT cannot win the title when their opponent- whoever that is for matches right before and immediately after Carnival, is almost guaranteed victory.

For the region with still the richest and most developed economy and infrastructure,this is not acceptable. Bassarath and co. must be called upon to explain and our cricketers as well must take personal responsibility.

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3/20/23, 11:30:46 AM 
An interesting but unfortunately very true phenomenon. I wonder if it extends to all sports or just cricket?

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3/20/23, 11:36:18 AM 
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Tweak the contract and sequester the guys in a camp during Carnival

These deluded “culturally obsessed folks” really need to grow up and behave professionally.

What was the result of the match played immediately after Ash Wednesday in the post Covid year when there was no jumpandwave on the streets?

If they lorse that one too then is God fault; not Carnival

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3/25/23, 3:12:31 PM 
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Looks like carnival ended last Tuesday

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3/25/23, 3:31:11 PM 
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I remember this match as if it were yesterday.

I had just completed my internship in the UK and travelled to Trinidad for Carnival before going to Guyana for Mashramani.
Carnival was Monday February 14 and Tuesday February 15..I remember BlueBoy won the Road March
The match finished in 3 days on the Sunday instead of the Monday and the T&T players arranged to fly back to Trinidad that Sunday night in order to be back home for the festivities on Monday and Tuesday.
Only Gus Logie was in Guyana to play cricket.

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big grin

I remember this game

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