Ancelotti: “I had never before seen a whole stadium being racist

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5/22/23, 7:51:47 PM 
Ancelotti: “I had never before seen a whole stadium being racist, they should have suspended the game”

A very serious Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the Mestalla press room on Sunday night, for a press conference that was entirely about Vinícius after the Brazilian suffered racist abuse and was sent off in the 1-0 defeat.
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5/22/23, 10:07:20 PM 
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Based on Prof's cheering of Real Madrid vs Man City last year I had no idea racists lived in Spain. shock

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Spain is full of racists ,that is why I never have any interest in visiting that country.

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Based on Prof's cheering of Real Madrid vs Man City last year I had no idea racists lived in Spain
she was just cheering vinicius

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5/22/23, 11:22:21 PM 
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Racists are everywhere

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You forgot how the Spain coach was motivating Henry's Arsenal teammate (forgot his name), telling him that he was better than that black piece of shit or something like that? Nothing happened to him. I can't see ANY England coach keeping his job after THAT!

I have been pointing this Spain football thing for well over a decade on here. Some ediat (like velo) challenged me when about 8-10 (maybe even more) years ago I stated that Spain and Italy are NOT interested in doing ANYTHING about the racism in their football. I pointed out that England and Germany were at least 'doing' something about it. But when complaints are lodged, Spain (and Italy) are like "meh, whatever nig..."

Dude, Chrissy is always on this ABE thing when she full well knows that the first pieces of scum to land on Jamaica were the Spaniards who wiped out an entire population and then dragged over Africans, kicking and screaming, to replace them. But Liverpool being some slave port is the straw that broke the camel's back. Must be some recency bias.

Our rasses would be speaking spanish if the English didn't molly wop Spain's ass. So nevermind Chrissy always searching for the next Spanish sweet thang to gush over. Racists are everywhere but the blinkers go on for Spain, and in the past Italy.

Catalonia (where Barcelona is), while not perfect, have been dying for ages to run leff the rest of Spain. Take note.

But this Vinícius dude is a whole clown, or just totally unaware, if he thinks it 'now belongs to the racists'. He's never heard of Samuel Eto'o and others before him? rolleyes

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In reply to JahJah i have never said anything about spanish football because i don't watch it so leave me out your hypocrisy rants. what i do remember is you gushing over north african countries like a school girl at the world cup and talking about a woman you had there .and everybody is racists argentina ,portugal ,france and people should not be supporting them .but failed to mention the racism that is going on in your favourite north african region on and off the football pitch so you and your selective outrage should drive off a cliff. big grin big grin

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In reply to Chrissy

Racists are everywhere


In order to be racist you have to be ignorant or you might intellectually know it is silly and stupid but you seek to benefit from it.
Many people in positions of power realize that in view of the fact that they can garner support from a majority of voters if they peddle racist policies, do so in order to maintain their power base.

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5/24/23, 2:00:25 AM 
I do believe that some folks have basically relapsed to an earlier level of development and primitive habits, which they have never properly overcome. Some have postulated that there is also inherited memory traces (engram) accounting for some behavior.

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