Devon Thomas suspended

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link Kay Joined: Feb 1, 2015
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5/23/23, 10:21:26 PM 
I think the CWI got to be involved here. These guys are contracted by franchises with the blessings of CWI via a NOC. My understanding is that they also get a cut for granting these certificates ....

link XDFIX Joined: Mar 2, 2003
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5/23/23, 11:04:05 PM 
Tek too long to get a bus so he decided to bus himself if the allegation proved true!

link powen001 Joined: Nov 26, 2006
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5/24/23, 12:05:37 AM 
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Its sad...
Its stupid
It is GREED...why else would someone risk everything unless they stupidly believed that they were about to gain so much that it was worth the risk?

no excuses...

character - thumbs down.

link PalsofMine Joined: Feb 2, 2023
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5/24/23, 1:16:30 AM 
In reply to powen001

Gotta agree with you. That is not something that could just be attributed to bad luck or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyways, as my niece would say, does Hety get his spot for the UAE tour or does Hety now wine on them and say he cannot find the airport on google maps

link camos Joined: May 6, 2003
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5/24/23, 1:35:54 AM 
Easy for you guys to make an assertion of greed, trained individuals get into compromising situations by individuals who spend time and money cultivating them.

link Castled Joined: Aug 21, 2022
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5/24/23, 1:54:26 AM 
In reply to Dukes

When I saw the Header,I thought it was non serious and I was going to say that maybe he was suspended for impersonating an International Cricketer

lol lol lol

link openning Joined: Nov 13, 2002
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5/24/23, 2:01:16 AM 
The President said on the Mason show this evening, since he is suspended he cannot participate on the tour to Dubai.

link Wally-1 Joined: Jan 8, 2003
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5/24/23, 5:55:53 AM 
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The man is innocent until proven guilty, he also has a tale.

link Dukes Joined: Dec 6, 2002
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5/24/23, 8:25:11 AM 
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In reply to camos

You do realize that all the players are REPEATEDLY WARNED about these match fixers in the leagues in Asia.They are given briefing notes about how these guys operate and instructed that they should immediately report any approaches made to them.You are acting as though these cricketers are simple naive young men.Devon Thomas is well over 30 years old.He is not a novice and was involved in MULTIPLE SCHEMES in 3 FRANCHISES where this took place.

I know of what I speak because back in April 2018 I penned a letter to certain authorities warning them about this very thing in an excerpt from my letter to them

These two young men have distinguished themselves on the cricket field for both Guyana and the West Indies.Their talent has put them in a situation where they will be confronted with extremely complex choices in far-off lands where there are numerous minefields which await them.It is my opinion that these two young men should be given the tools to cope with the myriad of challenges which await them and I feel that you two gentlemen are ideally suited to help them acquire the necessary skills to navigate these treacherous waters.

I also know that since then CWI and WIPA have repeatedly warned our players in the foreign leagues to be aware of these fixers both verbally and in writing.

link imusic Joined: Nov 13, 2002
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5/24/23, 10:38:22 AM 
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I wish Devon Thomas the best and await his side of the story

link PalsofMine Joined: Feb 2, 2023
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5/24/23, 12:39:25 PM 
Innocent until proven guilty is correct.

link Chrissy Joined: Nov 14, 2002
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5/24/23, 12:48:28 PM 
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So,who thinks he’s the only one. Dream,on - these leagues are gambling dens.

link Slipfeeler Joined: Dec 22, 2015
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5/24/23, 1:22:36 PM 
In reply to shivnotout

Devon Thomas may have inadvertently give Hope a look in to the test team, I am sure the mafias not going to resist this opportunity.
big grin big grin

link SnoopDog Joined: Jan 24, 2004
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5/24/23, 3:04:55 PM 
In reply to Chrissy

So,who thinks he’s the only one. Dream,on - these leagues are gambling dens.

Lou Vincent laid it all out bare for how easy it is for players to get compromised by the bookies and the Indian mafia.

And a few years after that, the BBC (I think?) did an investigative piece where they went undercover and hired one of the bookies who, again, laid it all out on how extensive the match fixing and spot fixing is in all these franchise T20 leagues and that they had many of the top players from all over the world on their payroll.

And you have a whole bunch of jackasses here who believe they're watching real cricket matches in the IPL.

link StumpCam Joined: Jan 1, 2004
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5/24/23, 3:12:52 PM 
In reply to SnoopDog

I remember one match where Ashwin batted at No.3 and another mystery bowler opening the batting !razz

link SnoopDog Joined: Jan 24, 2004
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5/24/23, 3:15:16 PM 
In reply to StumpCam


You ever think it's entirely co-incidental that the first couple of matches at the start of every IPL season are final over last ball "thrillers"?

link nick2020 Joined: Jul 2, 2012
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5/24/23, 3:18:58 PM 
In reply to powen001

Risk Vs Reward.

When you horn young sudden you weighed the risk of him shooting you over de red skin girl from ... I trying to remember if it was Bush Hall or Bank Hall ...

And you went ahead cuz sudden bandy anyway.

link Jumpstart Joined: Nov 30, 2017
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5/24/23, 4:35:03 PM 
In reply to Chrissy

ent al jazeera did say they caught a fix live in a test between india and the aussies?

link Brerzerk Joined: Mar 16, 2021
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5/24/23, 5:35:57 PM 
In reply to Dukes
It is good that you have given your time to be involved to the extent that you are.
In most cases there'll be one rotten egg in the coop. But, regarding Kay's comment
CWI should though not involved in any hearing keep abreast to ensure the player's
right to a fair trial. All WI players are members of some local club which is an
affiliate of CWI. Guilty or not player's rights to fair judgement must be protected.
We have seen numerous occasions of bias against WI from on-field calls to match referee
rulings and some would say even judgements regarding match-fixing.

link Dukes Joined: Dec 6, 2002
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5/24/23, 6:00:02 PM 
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In reply to Brerzerk

What is disturbing is the fact that there are 3 distinct instances of contact with undesirables in 3 different leagues including our own CPL.The events took place in 2021 so I am sure it has been thoroughly investigated and they probably have the evidence.

link Brerzerk Joined: Mar 16, 2021
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5/24/23, 7:05:35 PM 
In reply to Dukes
Two Words? Easy Mark or should they be Rotten Egg?

link cumberland Joined: Dec 4, 2022
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5/25/23, 4:28:03 PM 
In reply to Jumpstart

Repeat that a little louder for those who only see franchise cricket as being compromised.

All of sport has betting and assorted gambling involved for ages now. Cricket is no exception! Doesn't mean that they're not players out there honestly contesting bat and ball!

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