Sai Varshith Kandula

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5/23/23, 6:23:27 PM 

19-year-old arrested on multiple charges after crashing into barriers near the White House

Authorities said the preliminary investigation indicates Kandula “intentionally crashed” into the bollards outside Lafayette Park. A Nazi flag was seized by authorities at the scene of the incident.

Why would someone with the name Sai Varshith Kandula be driving around with a Nazi flag?

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5/23/23, 7:43:28 PM 
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Ask Nikki - she doesn’t even use her Indian name wink

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5/23/23, 7:58:04 PM 
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Some people will always join/support causes they believe will enhance their interests whatever those interests are at any given time.

Remember while Churchill was stealing Indian food for his troops their were some Indians who yearned for Independence and fought for
Hitler as an aim towards that goal. Tanzanians colonized by Germany fought for Germany in WWI too.

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5/23/23, 8:06:52 PM 
Could this be BeatBalls?

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No, BeatDBalls is way older than 19 (although sometimes that thinking is challenged), and he is still domiciled in his Democrap City of New York. He is not leaving cost it what it may.

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5/23/23, 8:33:15 PM 
I'd blame it on the steering present on the left

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Mmmmmmmmm, that's a good one. Original.

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big grin

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He's just another ungrateful immigrant.

Driver of U-Haul that rammed White House gate is not a U.S. citizen, prosecutors say

A college student who was on the same high school track team with Kandula told NBC News on Tuesday that they're both members of the sizable Indian American community in Chesterfield, Missouri.

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