Jamaican Astronaut makes historic space flight!

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5/26/23, 12:23:05 PM 
First Yardie in outer space

Yardies are on a mission to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before!
Next up - establish a Jamaican colony on Mars lol

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5/26/23, 12:57:14 PM 
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I heard a Yardie was de first man on de sun.

He went at night because it was cooler then.

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5/26/23, 2:38:58 PM 
In reply to FanAttick Oh skites...truly likkle but dem tallawah!


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5/26/23, 2:46:21 PM 
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Nice! big grin

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5/26/23, 3:17:30 PM 
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what do you call a Jamaican dance in space?

A SpaceJam big grin
big grin

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lol lol lol

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Just found out that the astronaut's daddy is from my neck of the woods. He is actually from Askenish, Hanover.

Sadly, the daddy (Huie Spence) died last year and wasn't around to celebrate this area of success as underlined by his son's achievement.

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