We need stronger A team tours

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5/26/23, 2:01:04 PM 
Against better opponents
Poms and India As
To really see where our young guns are !!

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5/26/23, 2:06:27 PM 
In reply to allan

You are talking as if we are beating the Minnows fair and square. I wish we have A tours to SA, Australia, India and England but do they even want our senior team is the question now....

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5/26/23, 2:24:08 PM 
In reply to Pacy

We play so little test cricket that maybe we should send a strong senior team to play their A teams

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5/26/23, 2:25:41 PM 
In reply to allanthe west indies barely won this series

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5/26/23, 3:05:50 PM 
South Africa were talking about arranging an A series against West Indies in the aftermath of the recent tour and ftp being released.

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5/26/23, 3:16:23 PM 
I think that we should give priority to an A Tour to South Africa and possibly after that, either Pakistan or Sri Lanka. Our batsmen need to get accustomed to playing aggressive fast bowling and international class spin bowling and we can safely assume that Australia and India may have no real incentive to arrange A tours from the West Indies.

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5/26/23, 3:28:50 PM 
In reply to PalsofMine

West Indies have never played 'A' games ,tour or home against Australia. i.e if memory serves.

Perhaps the only country that they have never engaged. Maybe New Zealand too.
Yet there was a full scale tour of Australia's Under 19 to the Region in 1970 with games
in various Islands. Never to be repeated..or reciprocated. I think one or two players from that venture
went on to play Test cricket for OZ.
Those were building blocks for the future then and the benefits were positive.

Other countries have been playing 'A' cricket or such in OZ's winter months away from the main Test

With costs involved ,WI may not consider such ..But OZ could sponsor such as a favour and if the will
is there.

The benefits of 'A' games are huge nowadays with the sparsity of FC games in recent years.

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5/26/23, 4:59:25 PM 
In reply to hubert

There was an A Team tour to New Zealand in Dec 2020

link Slipfeeler Joined: Dec 22, 2015
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5/26/23, 6:51:42 PM 
They need to play as much matches as available, our players lack adequate match practice and international experience.

link allan Joined: Feb 9, 2003
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5/26/23, 7:34:26 PM 
In reply to hubert

Exactly if we can’t get to play as much test matches
Let’s send strong A team to tour and play against India
Poms Pakistan and Australia As

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5/26/23, 9:20:12 PM 
In reply to allan

You assuming dat dem teams want to play WI. in 2019 India A ran thru us in de Caribbean. What makes you think dat dey wud want to play weaker teams on a regular basis? We have to beat up on the Bangladeshes South Africans and Sri Lankans before the more established teams will give us a regular look in.

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5/26/23, 11:32:06 PM 
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In reply to Maispwi
Helen just vex we dominating Bangladesh so he cyan cuss di team.


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5/27/23, 12:01:34 AM 
that is why I say to start with South Africa and Sri Lanka. Their cricket is still stronger than ours and they offer varities with spin and pace as well as varieties of wickets that will assist in the development of our players

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5/27/23, 12:33:08 AM 
In reply to Chrissy

Cuss the team?
And I asking for me exposure for our fellows?
Come on Twissy your reasoning don’t make any sense as usual

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5/27/23, 12:36:57 AM 
In reply to Maispwi

Thanks..I have a little recollection of it now although it is quite recent.


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5/27/23, 3:35:08 AM 
Bangladesh is always a challenge in their country. Maybe we might not wish to play them in the Caribbean. Last time I saw England A, we totally destroyed them. They made Warrican look unplayable. This was a good competiton for our A team considering we had 3 test players plust white ball internationals in the team, and we barely won.

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