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Nobady safe in Trinidad

WI_cricfan 9/11/23, 5:57:41 PM
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(Trinidad Express) A Laventille man who police believe was not the intended target of gunmen was shot dead near his Pashley Street home yesterday afternoon.It is believed that the killers missed their target and instead murdered Roshaun Pierre who was standing along Old St Joseph Road, near a grocery.

duh pelt stones if you gats glass house
sgtdjones 9/11/23, 6:53:29 PM
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Link see here
sgtdjones 9/11/23, 7:38:56 PM
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Don’t blame me
Fire Chief on appliance shortage:

Bristo made the statement during a phone interview yesterday when asked of criticisms levelled against him for the shortage of appliances by Leo Ramkissoon, president of the Fire Service Association, following the death of 98-year-old Malcolm Diaz.Diaz, who was visually impaired, died at his Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz, home on Friday after the building was gutted by fire.Residents said it took close to 90 minutes for a fire tender to arrive at the scene from the Wrightson Road station. This was because there were no appliances available at both the Santa Cruz and San Juan stations, they claimed.

In April, 41-year-old Kemba Morris and her eight-year-old daughter Zaya died in a blaze at their Siparia home.
In that instance, neighbours who witnessed the fire claimed the life of Morris and her daughter could have been saved if it were not for the slow response of fire officers.
It was claimed by the neighbours that at that time, there were no fire appliances at the Siparia Fire Station and officers of the Penal station had to respond.