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More nyc migrant drama

velo 9/15/23, 10:26:58 PM
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debut: 7/29/19
3,248 runs

BeatDball 9/16/23, 6:44:49 PM
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debut: 7/20/14
14,360 runs

In reply to velo Luv it! Daiz precisely, how you deal with socishitists - give them back their own medicine (include a lot of senna too)! Shout dem dung! Dwl dwl dwl.

googley 9/16/23, 6:51:56 PM
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debut: 2/9/04
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In reply to BeatDball

what medicine you talking about chief? You think all the immigrants coming across the border staying in Texas? What about the one crossing the Canadian border?
Raskil 9/16/23, 7:16:27 PM
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debut: 11/13/02
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Plenty countries borders are closed but somehow people with intimidating machines are refusing to pack up and leave.