Kevin Sinclair leave the warriors camp

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9/17/23, 2:02:41 PM 
For personal reasons. ....Interesting

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9/17/23, 2:38:36 PM 
In reply to Speed100

Reference please confused

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9/17/23, 3:10:55 PM 
He aint getting no playing time

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9/17/23, 3:13:15 PM 
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Where snoopy
I want to know what ‘everybody thinking’
‘It is obvious’ that GAW is an unhappy camp and Tahir is pretending all is ok
Hety smile hides a lot

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9/17/23, 3:18:20 PM 
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Bad news for Gaw. Last year same thing...could be seen from the body language of certain players. These types of issues have a much deeper impact that 1 or 2 players. It disrupts the chemistry of the whole team

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9/17/23, 3:20:39 PM 
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Snoopy busy

Chasing ambulances on University avenue

or putting an APB on his BMW that dem Trini gals took last nite..


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