Snoopy...Can Bitcoin Reach $100,000?

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9/18/23, 4:40:14 AM 
Snoopy...Can Bitcoin Reach $100,000?

Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) has been a winning investment this year, with its price up almost 60% in 2023 (as of Sept. 15). Interest from investors is growing after a tumultuous 2022 that saw digital asset prices tank as major businesses in the industry blew up. But it might be a good idea to set your eyes on a new price target, even after the huge gain this year.

In November 2021, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of nearly $69,000. And while it's 62% off that peak right now, I believe that the world's top cryptocurrency can reach $100,000 within the next five years. By looking at the quantitative and qualitative factors, I think other investors would tend to agree with this forecast.

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I still have (7) sold yours... razz

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Snoop is your financial advisor?

I thought you were smart....of well!!

lol lol lol lol lol razz

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Why any sane person would use real money to buy make believe money is still a mystery to me Bro. lol

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Are you underestimating me fren Snoopy wise investment strategy

He told me to buy Enron, Eatons,Lehman Brothers,Silicon Valley Bank,and Toys "R" Us.

The officer of the Court is wise, now I can wipe such off my taxes.. razz razz razz razz

but my mined bitcoin still hanging on..

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