Last night

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9/18/23, 10:44:49 PM 
In reply to Dukes

Ah think there is a Queenstown cricket club in Essequibo... hope it's not that one big grin

You should do that though... DCC need pacers. Bruce also plays football and represented his Region at nationals last year in shot put.

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9/18/23, 10:58:59 PM 
In reply to Dukes

Duke, I made it clear from the onset that I was following GAW.
Mainly as I saw something different in Shai during the series vesus Hindia.
GAW is a balanced team.

Sorry about the Paul injury,
but the replacements seems reliable.
I like Shamar and Anderson. Two good yutes.

Beaton's action still looks suspect,
but then again so does

I watched the entire game last night.
I watch all of the GAW games innings this year.
Shai is doing the cappo job it seems.
he is motivating players.
Something (good) different about Shai this last few months.

Shepherd has shown good maturity.
Paul is a class player (batting, bowling & fielding).
Odean needs some variation in his bowling...I have not given up on him
He needs a Hooper to coach him.
Hetty should bat at #4 as they have other finishers.

Dem better win is all.
GAW is my champs this year.

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9/18/23, 11:04:42 PM 
I am making it clear here that I will be supporting Guyana in all formats of Wondies cricket from now on.
Bim, my country of birth do not know how to release old boys

Wasting time not picking, Shamar Holder, Boucher etc

Holding on to players whose sell-by-date gone.

I can't wait to see Bim next selection.
I like what I am seeing from Guyana.
I hope they play these youths.
Can someone convince Shai hope to switch to Guyana like Reifer did before..
Please please please please.

Dukes, do you have any pull to get Shai hope to Guyana teams.

PS: I am not talking about CPL, I mean 4 days and 50 overs.

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9/18/23, 11:21:10 PM 
In reply to TanteMerle
You do know that the T20 format, is an independent series.
Thats the reason I am not a fan of any team.

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9/19/23, 12:56:03 AM 
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In reply to TanteMerle

Are you supporting GAW?

Or is really that you supporting Shai Hope…..your homie?

If Shai Hope see tom play for another franchise……dat St Lucia Kings……would you still support GAW?

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