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Good News for Bo Jiden election chances

WI_cricfan 9/20/23, 6:10:02 PM
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In last month’s Yahoo News/YouGov poll, President Biden led former President Donald Trump by a solid margin (47% to 41%) in a hypothetical Election Day matchup between the 2024 Democratic and Republican frontrunners.

Before that, Biden had led Trump in every Yahoo News/YouGov poll since February, and in 10 of the 11 Yahoo News/YouGov polls conducted this year.

But over the last few weeks of summer, Biden’s consistent advantage has evaporated amid growing concerns about his age and fitness for another term — as well as a long-shot impeachment push by House Republicans.

Meanwhile, Trump appears to be gaining momentum despite the 91 criminal charges lodged against him since the start of 2023.

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Drapsey 9/20/23, 6:53:07 PM
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In reply to WI_cricfan

All we need to rid ourselves of the hapless Joe Biden is a worthy opponent.

Hopefully we'll find one.
VIX 9/20/23, 7:15:43 PM
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how 'bout a wheelchair death match between the two senile best in the wurrrll combatants? big grin
FanAttick 9/20/23, 9:02:57 PM
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I just ran into Bo Jiden a few minutes ago…he says to tell uunuu that rumors of his demise are grossly exaggerated
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