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Emir 9/23/23, 1:54:53 AM
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debut: 8/9/14
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Could cost team the match. He held back Amir too long when he was in song- he could have bring him back earlier for one over before phat boy Azam was settled.

Also, at the end of the innings, he walk off too quickly, with his head down- it was left to Green to shake the boys hands. Contrast to Polly in the last match- at the end of the GAW innings he did a team huddle before returning to the dug-out- he shook the hands of all the players telling them we got this.
Dukes 9/23/23, 2:21:01 AM
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Aamir was struggling with his hamstrings.
jacksparrow 9/23/23, 2:27:00 AM
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Steven taylor is best they hot?
Emir 9/23/23, 3:02:05 AM
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debut: 8/9/14
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After his second over, he was well as he continued feeling and took a brilliant diving catch.
buds 9/23/23, 3:50:34 AM
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Stupid pick.
ducks 9/23/23, 4:29:44 AM
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King is opener
Emir 9/23/23, 3:30:03 PM
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debut: 8/9/14
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And cappo- a one minute huddle, high fives would not have stopped his prep, and there was no reason for him to have his head dropped facing the ground.

Now, if he was not fit, why the hell did he go to bat? He looked really bad last night vooping and missing. And then Taylor in the team,
XDFIX 9/23/23, 3:31:08 PM
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Tallawahs resources shallow
LBW375 9/23/23, 3:39:07 PM
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How large is the pool of players per team ?

I couldn't support Tallawah seeing their choices for the matches. Steven Taylor ? Raymon Reifer? They took a while to play Nicholson Gordon. Was our bench strength so weak ?

King still have some weakness with the ball coming in off a good length

Overall a disappointing series. GAW and Trinis playing good cricket and both deserve to play the Finals
Narper 9/23/23, 4:09:29 PM
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In reply to LBW375

Well....Tallawahs biggest stars Russell and Powell abandoned the ship by choice