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Dukes 9/23/23, 2:33:49 AM
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will take us home!!!!

Problem to solve is WHO IS ""US" and also WHERE is HOME!!!!

WIfan26 9/23/23, 2:35:40 AM
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Ayyy man that’s not funny you know it’s a knockout game any fool could beat up GAW shock
StumpCam 9/23/23, 2:41:14 AM
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Haha! lol lol
anthonyp 9/23/23, 2:41:59 AM
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Reifer is a Warrior at heart lol
Narper 9/23/23, 2:44:04 AM
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R Beaton to R Reifer, out Caught by Shai Hope!! The Tallawahs are crumbling here. It was a skiddy length delivery angling away in the corridor of uncertainty, R Reifer looks to stab it on the outside edge and gets a thick outside edge to the left of the keeper.

R Reifer c Shai Hope b R Beaton 0(2)