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Dwaine Pretorius……..Angry man

Jumpstart 9/24/23, 9:41:24 PM
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Allyuh talk to Praetorious tonight eh. Tell him if he push hard enough, he could end like Tino in Barbados Hilton car park. The respect among the sides has been admirable until his spell last game. We doh want Shai to have to pull him away again
Emir 9/24/23, 9:47:46 PM
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He really should be talked to by the team, usually most foreign players adhere to the team's culture but this guy is nasty, rude and ungrateful, he got violent and had Hope not pulled him back he would have gotten physical.
ray 9/24/23, 9:51:52 PM
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He is ah Warrior
Jumpstart 9/24/23, 10:05:10 PM
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The warriors don’t behave like that. In fact the only dude I saw go so angry in the CPL was Tino with Shoaib Malik
googley 9/24/23, 10:25:55 PM
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How about Bravo to the Spiceman?
Jeremy 9/24/23, 10:48:29 PM
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polard and bravo are 2 bully, they always try to trash talk batsmen.

and ali khan love to confront batsmen with low talk.
Jeremy 9/24/23, 10:50:12 PM
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Dwaine Pretorius play the game with emotion and this rubbed off in a positive vibes with his team mates.

To be successful you need to play with emotion.
TanteMerle 9/24/23, 10:50:12 PM
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You really think that Pretorius is a match against Walton.

Shai Hope most likely saved Pretorius from a cut-ass.

He definitely save an international incident.

Just remember where Pretorius is from and where Walton is from

Hint, one from a racist country
One from a country where men are generally tough.

I would put my money on Walton to win that fight.

just saying.. ah mean speculating...

rolleyes rolleyes
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Halliwell 9/25/23, 12:35:46 AM
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He cuss way Azam Khan stink