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This GOP candidate is swinging the black vote!

VIX 9/24/23, 11:45:16 PM
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and Hispanics too! Who could it be?
Multiple polls in recent weeks have shown this candidate performing historically well among Black and Hispanic voters in head-to-head matchups with President Biden.
Across five high-quality polls that have broken out non-White voters in the past month, the candidate is averaging 20 percent of Black voters and 42 percent of Hispanic voters.
Both numbers — and especially that for Black voters — could set modern-day records for a Republican in a presidential election.
No Republican presidential candidate in the past 50 years has approached receiving 20 percent of the Black vote. Since Republicans took 18 percent in 1972 and 16 percent in 1976, according to exit polls, they haven’t taken more than 12 percent of Black voters.

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ray 9/24/23, 11:54:42 PM
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U still follwin this craziness twisted
VIX 9/24/23, 11:55:22 PM
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debut: 2/7/03
16,603 runs

In reply to ray

indeed. Watching the implosion with glee!!! lol lol