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TKR old dogs broking down and failing Trinidad

cricketfreak 9/25/23, 1:24:08 AM
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debut: 11/14/11
3,264 runs

Too much senior citizens in tkr team . The chicken coming home to there nest .
cricketfreak 9/25/23, 1:39:28 AM
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debut: 11/14/11
3,264 runs

Tkr old dogs can't even make a hundred in this big finals
big grin
Ray123 9/25/23, 3:44:19 AM
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debut: 1/26/15
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I predict this geriatric TiTs team will soon disband and TKR will try to snap up all the young Bajan talent.
sgtdjones 9/25/23, 4:08:37 AM
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debut: 2/16/17
33,496 runs

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Ray Charles

Bajan talents...what you pushing powen and sodden now... razz razz razz