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Little irish black gymnist snubbed

velo 9/25/23, 8:02:47 PM
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debut: 7/29/19
3,275 runs this official knew exactly what she was doing
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Chrissy 9/26/23, 1:52:06 AM
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No surprise. Racists will be racists
Casper 9/26/23, 4:48:21 AM
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That was painful to watch. I can only imagine what was going through her head, as I watch her look with utter disappointment in not receiving a ribbon like her mates, and as the presenter disappears at the end of the lineup.. I only hope she learns from that experience to become a strong and fully aware young woman.
Casper 9/26/23, 6:15:41 AM
Brerzerk 9/26/23, 9:56:09 PM
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Simone Biles reached out to the lil girl so out of evil comes good. What was even more shocking is the photographer
never saw anything wrong with it and as the other adult said nary a word
Yet, watch how dem guh regale Adelike when she brings them home a medal
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