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Let’s go Carlos

Chrissy 11/18/23, 8:15:03 PM
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debut: 11/14/02
189,950 runs

Beat the Djoka
Chrissy 11/18/23, 10:53:36 PM
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debut: 11/14/02
189,950 runs

a won
Casper 11/19/23, 3:51:04 AM
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debut: 11/9/18
7,037 runs

I have to say, Djoker owns Carlos, especially mentally.

Until the Djoker retires, Carlos will have to play second fiddle.
Kay 11/19/23, 6:35:30 PM
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debut: 2/1/15
9,621 runs

And now the finals smelling goatish too with Djoka up a set and a break in the second
carl0002 11/22/23, 1:39:12 PM
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debut: 4/16/03
25,502 runs

Reverse GM. Chrissy actually wanted to Djoker to win so she chaired for Carlos?