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Emir 11/19/23, 4:33:38 PM
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debut: 8/9/14
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Never in my wildest dream I could have predicted my own decision to boycott watching the WC live, I even refused to follow the game in CricInfo. I was texted the final results. I am proud I stayed true to principles in a world where that word no longer has meaning.

That people actually celebrated India V Australia in the finals is proof that today's masses have no sense of who the modern day oppressors are.

For those in our region who supported India based upon race/ethnic ("Indo" Guyanese mainly), shame on you, for those who supported Australia based on race, shame on you as well.

Todays India, under the tyrannical Modi military rule is rogue state, oppressing its own people. Australia, the experts in ethnic cleansing of its native peoples have centuries of experience.

Today's India is not the promise of the great country of our great ancestors, of Mahatma of Nehru and the many Muslim scholars who worked to defeat foreign invaders. Today's Modi India seeks relevance and validation from white Aussies and Brits, they, the ruling elite crave and lust for their skin color, they have neglected their poor Indian citizens and rich culture, from music and dance, to political institutions and corporate governance. They not only want to be like the masters who last colonized them, but they want to be an oppressor that is more oppressive.

India today has adopted and improved all the bad habits and evil policies of the former colonial and slave masters. The India of our ancestors are turning in their graves.

These two nations have done the most to destroy cricket for the mighty dollar and their own selfish greed. We are suffering in part because of the model these two nations worked to force on others.

Sad day for cricket these two teams have won.
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pooranian 11/19/23, 5:16:29 PM
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KTom 11/19/23, 5:37:27 PM
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You missed the Free Plasticine pitch invader.
Atl_View 11/19/23, 6:00:13 PM
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If the world was serious about the plight of the Palestinians, then they should have cancelled the tournament to bring attention to the genocide. How many babies need to be killed as retribution?
KTom 11/19/23, 6:05:19 PM
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It's been the biggest global news story for weeks. How much more attention do you want?
Halliwell 11/19/23, 6:10:05 PM
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Oz played cricket for the ages and it was a magnificent win!
A victory for cricket. A loss for Modimania
Jumpstart 11/20/23, 3:50:45 PM
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granite 11/20/23, 5:55:05 PM
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I'm not full of hate for anyone but very good post Emir.
natty_forever 11/20/23, 6:42:44 PM
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Best World Cup ever!
Halliwell 11/20/23, 7:02:22 PM
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debut: 5/14/05
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Amen! cool