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Rosalynn Carter died

Chrissy 11/19/23, 8:52:45 PM
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Poor Jimmy- married for 77 years
What a fabulous progressive couple - equal partners.
Thanks for all the good you did dear lady.
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FanAttick 11/19/23, 8:53:23 PM
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Great minds …RIP to Roaslynn
Curtis 11/19/23, 9:13:31 PM
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Two Real Decent People. RIP Rosalyn.
Chrissy 11/19/23, 9:22:45 PM
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Good peeps
JoeGrine 11/19/23, 10:11:55 PM
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From where I sit, a model marriage. I will never forget Jimmy Carter when asked if he had ever committed adultery......"yes, based on the Christian teaching, I have committed it a few times in my mind" (St. Matt 5:28 "whosoever looketh on a woman with lust after her hath committed adultery.

A man's man, repudiated secret service and spent his time (along with Rosalind) in areas such as South Bronx building homes for the underprivileged.

R.I.P. Rosalind Carter.
birdseye 11/19/23, 10:14:05 PM
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And she checked into hospice yesterday, or the day before….wonderful people, and they were from the deep south
Chrissy 11/19/23, 10:56:26 PM
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Friday. Jimmy will follow soon. Imagine knowing yuh partner for over 90 years lol
sgtdjones 11/19/23, 11:19:07 PM
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The sky is so gray for America right now; I hope the clouds part soon
A Couple that did so much for the poor around the world

googley 11/19/23, 11:25:37 PM
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The Carters are role models on how decent, loving and caring human beings should live. May her soul rest in peace.
hubert 11/20/23, 4:39:02 AM
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Co sign. Indeed a real model partnership in marriage and service.
buds 11/20/23, 11:44:05 AM
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Truly a model couple. RIP Roselynn. I admired them tremendously.