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Kit Nascimento on Guyana/ Venezuela Dispute

Emir 11/20/23, 12:51:00 PM
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Almost every current border dispute and war has its direct origins in the European conquest and genocide of natives people. We see today Venezuela's push to open up a new discussion on a border that many had believed was settled. What is absent from all these treaties signed many years ago- notice the people involved- Americans, British, Spaniards. Notice the people missing- All the native people who owned these lands which was stolen from them and their people was slaughtered in the process.

What is clear, if the border according to Venezuela is curiously not, the original peoples did not call the "disputed" lands Guyana or Venezuela. When thieves fight!!!!

Guyana's position.
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DirtyDan 11/20/23, 3:22:17 PM
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well said. WTF is Nicaragua's problem????
XDFIX 11/20/23, 4:05:04 PM
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Some of these old issues and disputes can only be settled by wars - the nature of man!
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