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ICC announces best of three finals to decide win

brians_da_best 11/21/23, 6:21:07 AM
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Winner in world cups.

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Drapsey 11/21/23, 10:56:33 AM
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Yes, Mother Hindia, change the rules any which way you want!
cricketfreak 11/21/23, 3:27:29 PM
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So if india makes the finals and then win the first and lose the last two then what rule will change again ?
PalsofMine 11/21/23, 3:31:06 PM
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Fine print says that that previously unknown rule only applies when the tournament is being played in India and that if the non-host wins the first match, then it plays the next match with only 10 players as punishment for its boldface arrogance in beating India at home.