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T&T marine biologist tops Caribbean Excellence Awards

sgtdjones 2/21/24, 12:21:56 AM
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T&T marine biologist tops Caribbean Excellence Awards

Trinidad and Tobago marine biologist Dr Diva Amon has been awarded the Caribbean’s most prestigious corporate prize - The Anthony N. Sabga Award, Caribbean Excellence.

It was announced on Tuesday morning in Port of Spain that the Awards’ Regional Eminent Persons Panel has selected the 36-year-old as its Joint Science & Technology Laureate, for her commitment to improving the conservation of the Caribbean and global marine environments through marine science, policy, and communication.

Dr Amon’s research focuses on deep-sea biodiversity and the impacts of human activity on these poorly known ecosystems.

Among the other 2024 awardees announced include three Barbadians – musical creative Dr Stefan Walcott, disability activist Kerryann Ifill, and pediatric neurologist Dr Morris Scantlebury. Jamaican Customer Experience entrepreneur Johann Epstein is the 2024 Entrepreneurship Laureate.

All five laureates will receive their awards, which include significant financial support, at a gala ceremony in Barbados in May.
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Castled 2/21/24, 3:55:39 PM
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Five laureates three straight outta Bim. Do these laureates mean anything?

No one seems to care about the Nobel prizes nowadays.
BeatDball 2/21/24, 5:18:10 PM
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3 cheers! cool
DirtyDan 2/21/24, 7:54:15 PM
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Dr Diva - appropriately titled
sgtdjones 2/21/24, 8:46:55 PM
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Yes , she is...Hmmmmmmm