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Congrats Hodge

Wasp 2/22/24, 9:27:57 PM
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debut: 12/31/07
8,120 runs

103 not out off 182
SnoopDog 2/22/24, 9:28:44 PM
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debut: 1/24/04
14,908 runs

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Good knock.
doosra 2/22/24, 9:34:20 PM
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debut: 5/26/04
92,573 runs

good knock indeed

that is what returning test players are expected to do
Wasp 2/22/24, 10:15:27 PM
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debut: 12/31/07
8,120 runs

130 not out at stumps
Brerzerk 2/22/24, 11:31:24 PM
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debut: 3/16/21
10,103 runs

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Tenks to rhatid. Show your level if not class and stake yuh claim.
4REALQUICKS 2/22/24, 11:35:29 PM
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debut: 2/16/24
139 runs

Great to see and I must agree with the comments above. Good knock by Hodge...let us hope that the runs keep a flowing for him...especially come the summer tour of England!
BeatDball 2/23/24, 1:03:28 AM
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debut: 7/20/14
14,725 runs

3 cheers for Kavem. Now, for JGreaves! cool
voiceofreason 2/23/24, 1:03:51 AM
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debut: 1/20/04
88,299 runs

In reply to Wasp

Yes top knock and at a decent tick too.
InHindsight 2/23/24, 11:38:39 AM
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debut: 2/24/07
10,699 runs

In reply to BeatDball

Yup I'd love to see Athanaze,, Mc Kenzie and Greaves score some as well. Then we can claim we have a new crop of Test cricketers on the rise
Wasp 2/23/24, 3:34:40 PM
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debut: 12/31/07
8,120 runs

Hodge 158 not out

Wwv 395 all out