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HEADLINE: US$40m boost for Barbados from hosting CPL and WCPL matches 4/2/24, 2:18:10 PM avatar image

debut: 3/6/03
9,995 runs

The Republic Bank Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Massy Women’s Caribbean Premier League (WCPL) generated a total economic impact of US$40,446,754 for Barbados during the 2023 tournament. 

2023 was the first time that the CPL had returned to Barbados since 2019 and the first time the country had hosted WCPL matches. 

There were six men’s matches and three Women’s matches played in Barbados between 30 August and 3 September with the games taking place at the world famous Kensington Oval. 

The total event impact is calculated by world renowned research organisation, YouGov Sport with the final figure being based on a number of key metrics, including organiser and visitor spends on Island media as well as the commercial value generated from the extensive global TV distribution. 

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googley 4/2/24, 3:34:25 PM
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debut: 2/9/04
22,000 runs

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Jamaica is missing out on these "boosts"
Castled 4/2/24, 5:56:04 PM
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debut: 8/21/22
905 runs

"boosts" aka "impressions" biggest load of BS since Netanyahu say he is a peacemaker lol
ray 4/2/24, 6:04:08 PM
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debut: 2/7/03
22,737 runs

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Why do you say this?
Slipfeeler 4/2/24, 6:27:13 PM
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debut: 12/22/15
7,373 runs

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Jamaica is with over 3 million visitors each year, already 1million visitors for the first Quarter of 2024, calculate the “Boost”.
googley 4/2/24, 7:24:58 PM
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debut: 2/9/04
22,000 runs

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I guess they don't need more visitors lol