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Reggae Boyz coach Hallgrimsson steps down

FanAttick 7/1/24, 4:57:50 AM
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Or is fired depending on your perspective
hubert 7/1/24, 11:05:13 AM
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Not surprised. I never thought much of his hiring in the first place.
The Surprise will be who is next from the 'wonderful' JFF
I have my doubts about making it to the CONCACAF's hosting of 2026.
Its the same old ' pan heads' who are in
nitro 7/1/24, 11:44:05 AM
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Disappointed in his style of play but the Jamaica Obeserver article yesterday shows you why no coach will succeed with this team. As I said before, Leon Bailey brought up a lot of real issues (some trivial ones from his agent as well) and Grimmy publicly agreed with him.

I suspect that the JFF had no intention of helping him recruit the players he wanted. Men need to sell domestic based players so they can eat a food. Qualifying for WC is not their priority.
dayne 7/1/24, 1:28:56 PM
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Well, after seeing the match yesterday the coach should leave, the team had no discipline, could not keep possession of the ball, looked disorganized. It is the worse I have seen the Jamaican team play.
Chrissy 7/2/24, 1:52:24 AM
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The entire ‘eat a food posse’ should resign.
Men fighting fi power and perks while sports dying
buds 7/2/24, 4:20:13 AM
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There is nothing you can do with these boneheads at the JFF. Even if you put Messi on this team, they will not amount to nothing in football because of the JFF. They will mess up the team in more ways than you can imagine with their infighting and lust for power.
FanAttick 7/10/24, 10:20:02 PM
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Hallgrimsson appointed new Ireland manager

Former head coach of Jamaica’s senior national men’s football team, Heimir Hallgrímsson has been appointed manager of the Republic of Ireland.

According to Irish media reports, Hallgrimsson’s appointment follows an eight-month recruitment process.

Hallgrímsson recently resigned as coach of the Reggae Boyz after two years, departing the role after their elimination from the Copa America following three successive defeats.

“It is an honour to be appointed today. Ireland is rightly a proud footballing nation which has consistently produced talented players and enjoyed many memorable moments at major international tournaments,” Hallgrimsson was quoted as saying in a RTE News report.

“We have a young and exciting team that has genuine potential. I am looking forward to working closely with the players to help coach and guide them towards improved performances and results ensuring we qualify and compete at major tournaments on a regular basis,” he continued. “We have important and exciting games coming up in the UEFA Nations League later this year and a massive FIFA World Cup qualification campaign coming up next year.”
JahJah 7/11/24, 2:14:43 AM
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Smart man. He gave Yard the benefit of the doubt when taking the job, not thinking of the JFF as a banana republic going concern.

He found out soon enough to go looking another work (unda di quiet) where he can go back 1st world dealings. Doh wrong him one bit.
JayMor 7/11/24, 2:43:28 AM
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Hallgrimsson appointed new Ireland manager

Him merely use Yard fe de accent training...
Yardie an' de Hirish

FanAttick 7/11/24, 9:15:32 AM
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That video is riddled with fantasies brobig grin
Da-Vincy 7/11/24, 10:12:29 AM
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Someone on Facebook labeled it “From Irieland to Ireland”
JayMor 7/11/24, 2:19:54 PM
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Yeah, Maas Man clearly love Yard and was clutching at straws to support why he does. But the Irish slaves part is true; I don't think they were 'indentured' like the Asians. The black folks called them "red legs" ("red necks" in the southern US).

In reply to Da-Vincy
Rastaman 1 asks:- Which country full up o' dreads, nutten but dreads?
Rastaman 2 replies:- A no Jumieka dat; bwoy, me don't know.
Rastaman 1 gives the answer:- Irieland!
lol lol

Brerzerk 7/11/24, 5:34:24 PM
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Haven't watched the vid but some Irish just sound like us.