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Jamaican athlete faces deportation to danger

Curtis 7/8/24, 12:27:55 PM
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Chrissy 7/8/24, 12:47:39 PM
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debut: 11/14/02
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Wah di?
Kay 7/8/24, 4:40:48 PM
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Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is also hosting a petition calling for a halt to the deportation, which so far has more than 700 signatures.

That is just a tiny handful of all the Jamaicans in Toronto alone ....
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granite 7/8/24, 8:06:39 PM
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Me never know Canadians so dyam stink.
sgtdjones 7/8/24, 9:13:19 PM
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Trudeau says Canada needs a 'pathway' to official status for immigrants, faster deportations

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says some immigrants to Canada who lack official status need a pathway to help them stay, while in other cases Ottawa must speed up deportation procedures. His comments come as advocates for gender and sexual minorities say the lack of a regularization program is leaving people without official status in Canada subject to exploitation.

"People who aren't here regularly need to be supported and taken care of," Trudeau told reporters Friday in Winnipeg. "There needs to be either a pathway towards regularization and citizenship, which I know the (immigration) minister is working on. In some cases, we need to accelerate deportation proceedings."

The Liberals pledged in late 2021 to "explore ways of regularizing status for undocumented workers who are contributing to Canadian communities." Trudeau said he had no timeline for when this will actually be put into effect.
Curtis 7/9/24, 6:36:15 PM
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debut: 12/4/02
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