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Emir 7/10/24, 4:02:01 PM
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debut: 8/9/14
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They are still believing it is ONLY the horribly poor debate performance of Biden that is turning off voters.

It is not. The debate has caused independents and the uncommitted to go Trump- in all 8 battleground states. However, for the base, and Biden cannot win without the base- even if he were to somehow change minds of the independents, the debate performance has no impactt.

They have turned away from Biden way before the debate- they have been turning away since he has led the Palestinian Genocide.
XDFIX 7/10/24, 5:02:51 PM
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In reply to Emir

You are getting your Trump, why worry, didn't you call for him over genocide Joe?
Emir 7/10/24, 6:07:06 PM
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debut: 8/9/14
18,020 runs

In reply to XDFIX

, didn't you call for him over genocide Joe?

Don't mistake my call for Biden to be gone as a support or endorsement for Trump. No Sir, nothing I said can be construed as support for that criminal and convicted sex abuser.

In fact, only Democratic party elites and political hacks will try to convince Americans a non vote for Biden is a vote for Trump. It is exactly why we are a narrow 2 party country: The two corrupt political party politicians continue to fool us around election time and once in power they collude for their special interest.

Both parties see it in their best interest to kill off any third party- they put party above country.

I will never vote for a man who is still lying and defending and promoting genocide although he can barely complete a sentence or a man who tried to overthrow our constitution and is a convicted felon and sex abuser.

We have choices!!!!
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