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This is a real issue

ray 7/10/24, 5:09:52 PM
Brerzerk 7/10/24, 5:23:07 PM
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but in one party it is 'hip' to disparage DEI smh
VIX 7/10/24, 5:25:16 PM
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Which country did it take place in? Surely not the misfits'
Chrissy 7/10/24, 7:30:12 PM
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WI_cricfan 7/10/24, 7:33:19 PM
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Since the usual suspects will not answer your question here it is:
This took place in the de best wurl to live in governed by de best prezident eva.
Emir 7/11/24, 4:32:06 PM
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It happens in the West Indies too. In Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, all over.

In the USA, kudos for the many outlets that expose it, for the victims to fight it, for the courts to mostly side with the victim and for the majority people to get mad by it.

Now, lets compare back home. In Jamaica for example, take a deep look at who the top employees are in their biggest companies, in Trinidad, take ac look at the make up of the top employees at the Syrian and French Creole owned companies.
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