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Carlos Edwards and Cornell Glen???

DAVE400 2016-12-28 06:46:11 

Really??? rolleyes

imusic 2016-12-28 12:25:01 

In reply to DAVE400

Bangladesh brand

DAVE400 2016-12-28 13:03:13 

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How old are they?

Maispwi 2016-12-28 13:14:52 

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38 and 35. Dey get recalled? Both ah dem born in October

imusic 2016-12-28 13:21:19 

In reply to DAVE400


Honestly.....their selection is just a smoke screen

The national team is really being used as a showcase for players (especially from a particular club) to teams in vietnam, india, thailand etc

Business model is as follows:

Player A sold to x club for $X

"Agent" aka Club owner gets the entire fee. Player gets a salary which may or may not include accomodations, transport etc

Repeat and rinse

Halliwell 2016-12-28 14:10:00 

In reply to imusic

What is a realistic target at present?

imusic 2016-12-28 16:05:46 

In reply to Halliwell

What is a realistic target at present?

What do you mean by target?

If by target you mean WC qualification......forget it. That not happening for 2018...or the forseeable future.

If you mean Gold Cup qualification.....that's debateable. I think we need to beat Hait, Suriname, and the winner of the Centro Americano Cup for the final qualification spot. That's "easier" than qualifying for the World Cup in 2018....but may still be beyond this incarnation of the team.

If you mean # of players to be signed by viertnamese, thai, clubs etc....then I would take a HUGE GUESS and say maybe 4 or 5 players per year would be satisfactory for the club owner(s)

Halliwell 2016-12-28 17:04:21 

In reply to imusic

I meant the first two-WC and Gold Cup
Then it's a vicious cycle- can't qualify so make money which then depletes the side so can't qualify so make money which depletes...

The TTFF worse than Libya now that Jackdaffi gawn

Prako 2016-12-28 17:13:10 

In reply to Halliwell

With Cornell Glenn coming back, is Kenwyne's position as Center Forward under threat?

I guess they bring back Carlos Edwards as cover for that guy who likes breaking curfew (I can't remember the name). The guy always leaves to go to fete and the coach always banning him. I think he is the brother of Kevon Cooper.

DAVE400 2016-12-28 17:15:13 

In reply to imusic

So the national team is a glorified club then....

Acid 2016-12-28 17:15:31 

In reply to Prako

Molino is the fella you talking about. He is the 1/2 brother of Cooper. This fetting mentality is something that ingrained in these boys sad

imusic 2016-12-28 17:52:07 

In reply to DAVE400

So the national team is a glorified club then....

That's where it's headed. well on course

Acid 2017-01-03 10:21:49 

New coach dropping men

Seattle Sounders left-back Joevin Jones has been dropped from the Trinidad and Tobago squad after new coach Tom Saintfiet accused him of having "no interest" in helping the national team.

The Belgian coach, hired in December after Stephen Hart was sacked, also criticized the commitment of other T&T players and accused at least one of showing up to training smelling of alcohol.

Saintfiet had originally named Jones to the squad that will face Suriname and Haiti this week in crucial playoff matches to qualify for this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup, but he said on Sunday that Jones did not appear at training as expected this weekend.

"I spoke with him individually and he did not show up at all for the camp," Saintfiet said, according to Wired 868. "So I think he has no interest to help his country to qualify."

Saintfiet said he had allowed Jones to skip the previous week's friendlies against Nicaragua after the 25-year-old had an extended Sounders season that ended with a win on penalties in the MLS Cup final on Dec. 10.

But the coach said he was then disappointed to learn that Jones had played in a friendly with his former club W Connection against the Haiti national team on Friday.

"Joevin is here on holiday and Joevin played, two days ago, a friendly with W Connection against Haiti," Saintfiet said. "So if his club had no problem with him playing a friendly match with a club where he is not registered, I see no problem why he cannot play for his national team...

"I had face-to-face communication with him. I said take a few days off and see you on Jan. 1. I told him where and when and which time [to enter] camp and he never called or informed us in any way that he would not show up."

Joevin Jones helped the Seattle Sounders win the MLS Cup final on Dec. 10.
Saintfiet said he also dropped Daneil Cyrus and Jomal Williams from the team after they arrived to camp late.

"Two of the players came one and a half hours too late in camp and had still decent smell of alcohol around," he said. "That was Daneil Cyrus and Jomal Williams. Both were immediately sent home back to party."

Cyrus denied smelling of alcohol and said the coach was referring only to Williams, Wired 868 reported.

Saintfiet also had harsh words for Orlando City midfielder Kevin Molino, who he said asked not to be named to the team for this month's qualifiers.

"[Molino] said he was not available [to play] for his country at that point in time," Saintfiet said. "He told me he didn't feel motivated or ready for that. And later, I [heard] he played games at lower league or social level."

Trinidad and Tobago was required to play in the Gold Cup playoffs after a surprise loss to Martinique in October. It must top the three-team group this week to advance to a final playoff against a Central American team.

After Trinidad and Tobago lost its first two games in the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, federation president David John Williams said that Saintfiet's appointment could be short-term if he does not earn results in March's games against Panama and Mexico.

Social event = Fête Match

Maybe that is why the man had to call back Cornell and Carlos

DAVE400 2017-01-03 15:52:38 

In reply to Acid

Boy it sad.

Halliwell 2017-01-03 17:52:58 

In reply to Acid

Man firing from a side!
Pybus II

Acid 2017-01-04 15:15:23 

In reply to DAVE400
I read in the Guardian wey Alvin Corneal say one of the fellas get a flat tyre that is why he reach late to the training.

In reply to Halliwell
Pybus can't touch Kamla when it come to firing big grin

Halliwell 2017-01-04 16:41:49 

In reply to Acid

Hahahahahahaha lol

DAVE400 2017-01-05 08:18:13 

Just keeps getting worserer and worserer. rolleyes

Loss to Suriname now....

Acid 2017-01-06 06:45:01 

In reply to DAVE400

T&T 1-2 Sur

The coach said he built the team around Cornell Glenn but then he got injured and didn't have another plan shock

National football head coach Tom Saintfiet believes the absence of forward Cornell Glen played a great part in T&T’s 2-1 loss to Suriname in their opening Caribbean Football Union (CFU) fifth place play-off match at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on Wednesday night.

In the post match press conference, he cited his disappointment in the defeat and that fitness and last minute changes in strategy worked against the Soca Warriors.

“Our strategy in Nicaragua was clear that we wanted to play with Cornell Glen. We worked on that. We prepared our team and 20 minutes before the start of the game he gets injured in the warming up, hamstring injury so in the warming up we had to change in strategy. We had to bring Akeem Roach in,” said Saintfiet.

T&T suffered an early blow when forward Glen suffered a hamstring injury in the warm up and had to be replaced in the starting team by Roach, while defender Maurice Ford was also ruled out of the 18-man team for the match through injury.

Saintfiet shared that not having a full bench to operate with worked against his game plan.

“I had no more striker on the bench. I had only six instead of the allowed seven because I could not bring a seventh replacement on the bench. I had no extra striker option, for instance Trevin Ceasar,” he said.

The result now puts T&T in not only a must-win situation against Haiti on Sunday, but must also hope that Haiti defeats Suriname today and not by a big margin.

“We hope Haiti wins by not too big margin then is all or nothing. We have to win in 90 minutes preferably because if you win in 90 minutes it counts better than winning in extra time against Haiti on Sunday and I hope I have the whole 20 men available for selection and Cornell Glen because I think that was the biggest miss of today (Wednesday) so I hope he is available Sunday.”

Despite a brilliant strike by midfielder Tyrone Charles in the 81st minute to level the scores at one after Guno Kwasie put the visitors ahead in the 76th, T&T later conceded a goal in the 109th minute as Ivanildo Rozenblad sealed the winner for Suriname.

“It was a very disappointing result but nothing is over yet. We need to hope that Haiti wins on Friday (today). Doesn’t matter which result but that Haiti wins against Suriname and then its up to us if we can beat Haiti in 90 minutes.

“Naturally it is very sour at the moment to imagine that it’s not in our own hands. We have to support Haiti on Friday, recover now and hopefully Cornell Glen will be fit and hopefully next match I’ll have seven players on the bench and not six and we will be ready to bounce back and still qualify.

Fitness seemed to be a glaring issue in the opening match for the local team.

“I am almost sure that it is a problem. There are a few reasons. The players we get from abroad are not in the middle of a season even a player like (Radanfah) Abu Bakr, his season is more than two months finished. Carlyle Mitchell season a while finished. The guys who play abroad are not match fit at this current time.

“The players in the local league play in a different level than national team football. The tempo is higher. Darren Charles gave everything that he could Mitchell was injured but he battled and a few others Abu Bakr also but it showed that physically that we are not top fit to play international football.

Saintfiet was not impressed by the composition of T&T’s offensive attacks and that his players turned over the ball too often.

“I am not fully satisfied over the whole 120 minutes about our transition. We lost too many balls. Our passing and way of attacking was not controlled. I am not satisfied with that.

“We did not have the quality or the perfection in front of the goal either.”

Saintfiet said that he was upset after and he let his players know this after the loss.

“I was not happy. I was angry in the dressing room. I don’t feel pressure because we lose I hate losing. The biggest pressure is from myself,” he said. “I can only analyse the match and plan the way forward with my staff. On Sunday it will be all or nothing.”

Sur 2-4 Haïti

On Sunday T&T needs to beat Haïti by 2 clear goals to qualify. Anything less than a 2 goal win will see Haïti advance.

Suriname can't finish higher than 2nd.

methodic 2017-01-06 21:36:07 

The coach might be wasting his time. A generation that lives for small glories

granite 2017-01-07 13:33:12 

Didn't DJW get to his position in a democratic vote, are we that foolish in TT, seems like are unable to pick out good from bad.This man DJW appears to be an "out and out"crook.Why was he voted in, only God knows, maybe those who voted for him know something.
One question, what is his footballing background?

Acid 2017-01-08 17:05:18 

T&T vs Haiti
Live on: Tele Caraibes 22 (Commentary in French)

The T&T stations bringing PNM rally for THA election

Time Line:
Goal in 1st Minute by Shaddon Winchester: 1-0
20' Haiti equalize: 1-1
25' Winchester at the brace: 2-1
39' Haiti equalizes for the 2nd time 2-2
Half Time: 2-2
After 90': 2-2
End 1st Half Extra Time: 2-2
111' Haiti goes in front from a corner 2-3
113' Winchester Hatrick 3-3
117' Haiti scores again from another corner 3-4
End Extra Time: 3-4

Final Points standing:
1. HAI 6
2. SUR 3
3. T&T 0

Acid 2017-01-11 12:20:28 

In reply to Halliwell

Man firing from a side!
Pybus II

And now the man fire heself shock

Better they did leave Hart

johndom90 2017-01-11 17:10:45 

In reply to Acid

What a mess.

Halliwell 2017-01-12 06:17:27 

In reply to Acid

Unlike pybass lol

Halliwell 2017-01-12 06:18:28 

In reply to Acid

You see the garbage Gally write in the papers??!!??

What a chip on the shoulder guy this is!

DAVE400 2017-01-12 08:58:17 

I am dreading the Hex humiliation

DAVE400 2017-01-12 08:58:37 

I am dreading the Hex humiliation

DAVE400 2017-01-12 08:58:42 

I am dreading the Hex humiliation

imusic 2017-01-12 13:45:03 

In reply to Halliwell

You see the garbage Gally write in the papers??!!??


Acid 2017-01-12 14:12:57 

In reply to Halliwell

Gally say massah day done. "We don't need foreign help"

They speculating the new coach is Stuart Charles Fervier. Looks like T&T football team is WConnection team

Reminds me of if you want to make T&T cricket team that you have to play for Queen's Park

Acid 2017-01-12 14:13:42 

In reply to imusic

Link Text

Acid 2017-01-12 14:15:08 

In reply to DAVE400

It always seem that anytime there is a type of progress it is always followed by 10 years of regression sad

Maispwi 2017-01-13 14:40:12 

In reply to Acid

But Stuart eh a Trini. De next ting dey go say is dat he from a country dat too small to know bout football. But den again dey mite just claim like dey did de writer Walcott

Acid 2017-01-17 13:24:18 

In reply to Maispwi

big grin

I hope this new Lady Coach do better than the men before her.

Italian Carolina Morace, the country’s new women’s coach said she intends to take T&T football to the next level.

Soon after her arrival at the VIP Lounge of the Piarco International Airport yesterday afternoon, Morace told the Guardian Media that she was totally impressed with what she saw from the T&T team when she coached the Canadian team against them back in 2010, saying, “Before Canada played T&T, I thought they would have been an easy team, but instead they turned out to be much harder than I expected.”

Morace, 52, who is here on a two and a half-year contract as coach and technical director also came with her assistant coach Nicola Williams, who will be the country’s Under-20 coach.

Morace, a native of Venice, said she was honoured to be coaching T&T, as she loves to coach women’s football but called for the support of the football public and the T&T Football Association, which she had already received from its president David John-Williams.

The local football boss told a media gathering at the unveiling of Belgian Tom Saintfiet as the new men’s football coach in December, that he was honoured to have Morace as coach of the team, noting she was among the top five women coaches in the world. She coached the Canadian and Italian national teams and club sides Lazio and Viterbese men’s club side.

The former striker who played for 10 different teams in Italy, said she will first have a look at the players, the seniors, under-20s and under-17s to see the level of skill and fitness before she selects a core of 25-26 to work with for each team.

“The first thing is to create athletes and then I will focus on the league” Morace said. In addition to being coach and technical director, the Italian is the holder of a UEFA PRO License and is best known for being the first woman to coach a professional men’s football team, Viterbese of Italian in the Serie C1, will also be responsible for coaches’ education and development in the women programme. She will also conduct grassroots programmes.

Morace, who represented Italy 153 times and scored 105 goals, (from 1978 - 1997) made it clear via skype just over a month ago, that she wants to win, but noted she cannot achieve this if the players are not committed.

imusic 2017-01-17 13:47:09 

In reply to Acid

Morace, who represented Italy 153 times and scored 105 goals, (from 1978 - 1997) made it clear via skype just over a month ago, that she wants to win, but noted she cannot achieve this if the players are not committed.

Correction signora

You cannot achieve this with this TTFA administration

Acid 2017-01-22 14:42:24 

In reply to imusic

The administration always seem to be saddled with some inefficiency.

I thought the bottom of the barrel was reached when Sancho and them boys went in TTFF headquarters and walk out with toilet seat, microwave and stapler to prove a point but like the saga never ends.

I see Dennis Lawrence is the new coach. He was working with Roberto Martinez at Everton in getting his badges and learning the trade.

‘Tallest’ gets football coaching job

Former national defender, now turn coach Dennis ‘Tallest’ Lawrence is the new national football coach.

Lawrence who played for T&T 89 times signed on the dotted line yesterday to effectively replaced Belgian Tom Saintfiet, a day after it was rumoured he turned down an initial offer by the TTFA due to differences with the terms and conditions of his contract.

It is understood the TTFA attempted to negotiate a performance-based contract that made specific reference to if Lawrence had a less than a 40-per cent success rate, as suppose to a Lawrence’s request for a medium-to long-term contract that would allow him the opportunity to develop the team.

A member of the board told the Guardian Media Sports that the involvement of the president had been a major stumbling block on a deal that had already been agreed to by the board of the football association during the selection process.

The board member said, “We had already agreed on Wednesday night that Lawrence be given a contract until the end of 2018 with an eye on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.”

The member continued, “Everything had been sorted out, we only had to await a minor condition that related to his success rate. A senior board member almost derailed the agreement despite the fact that the TTFA would not get no real serious coach to accept a game-by-game clause in a contract. It is almost ridiculous.”

Guardian Media Sports understand that Lawrence of Morvant, who scored five times in national colours, was the overwhelming second choice pick after the Technical Committee’s first choice of Stuart Charles Fevrier, the W Connection coach, was turned down by the board because of his relationship with the football association president as well as the public perception created upon John-Williams’ assumption as head of the football association.

The TTFA yesterday issued a signed release bearing the signatures of both Lawrence and its president John-Williams as confirmation of the agreement, stating that Lawrence had accepted the position of head coach of the national team.

In accepting the job, Lawrence, who scored the all important goal to assure the country’s first and only spot at the Fifa World Cup in 2006 in Germany with a 1-0 win over Bahrain, said “I feel honoured and humbled by this opportunity and the confidence placed in me by the association. I have given my all for T&T as a player and now relish this moment to contribute as head coach of the national team.”

“Off course I am coming into a difficult situation and we have to take each game very seriously and put our best foot forward. The experience I gained working under different coaches during my 89 international caps for T&T and my exposure in coaching, has all helped to shape me. I intend to give my very best towards this national effort,” he added.

The former-Defence Force, Wrexham, Swansea and Crewe Alexandra defender will have the enviable task of attempting to guide the Soca Warriors past Panama and Mexico in their next two World Cup qualifiers at home, having lost their opening two matches of the Final Round (Hex) to Costa Rica 2-0 and Honduras 3-1 and are second from bottom on the six-team standings.

Lawrence, 42, is expected to arrive in T&T on Wednesday and will later hold a press conference. His selection has been a welcome choice for many local coaches whom have been lobbying for a T&T coach for the top job.

DAVE400 2017-01-22 16:13:20 

In reply to Acid

Hard to keep up with the disasters...i heard tallest resigned before he even started??

imusic 2017-01-22 17:32:00 

In reply to DAVE400


The technical committee voted for Stuart Charles Fevrier who is W connections coach. The same W Connection that is owned by the TTFA President David John Williams.

Many people on T&T football believe DJW wanted SCF as head coach of the national team all along.

With public misgivings over the Stephen Hart firing, and the fiasco of the Saonfoet hiring, all eyes were on the TTFA for this latest appointment.

When interviewed about the fiasco with Saintfiet, DJW threw the technical committee under the bus saying they made the decision to hire him themselves and he had no input. Despite he saying in saintfiet's introductory press conference that Saintfiet had to win both games in the Hex or be fired and he wasn't the TTFA's first choice but he was the least expensive.

So when it came to this appointment, seems like the TTFA board actually "grew a pair" and overrode the technical commottee's recommendation and came up with Lawrence

They then negotiated terms with Lawrence who accepted.

The board delivered their findings to the president (DJW) and he was supposed to finalize arrangements. DJW then decided to implement clauses in the contract that were not present in the talks between the BOD,
Lawrence, and his agent. Among them was a clause that meant Lawrence could be fired for "gross misconduct" if the team did not win their next 2 games in the Hex and could be fired after 2 months in charge

Lawrence and his agent tell them to haul dey ass (so to speak) and walked away from the appointment.

The board accused DJW of sabotaging the negotiation to try and get SCF installed by default.

The "offensive" terms and conditions in the contract were subsequently removed and Lawrence signed to be coach.

Why he would want to leave his relatively SECURE AND STABLE current job with the Belgian National federation and come into this toxic situation is beyond me.

Probably same reason that people like Phil Simmons did.

methodic 2017-01-22 20:46:56 

In reply to imusic

Why he would want to leave his relatively SECURE AND STABLE current job with the Belgian National federation and come into this toxic situation is beyond me.

limited opportunities to be a head coach

imusic 2017-01-22 21:58:57 

In reply to methodic

You REALLY thing this is an opportunity?

Opportunity for what?

Maispwi 2017-01-22 22:09:17 

In reply to imusic

Didn't Charles and Daddy Corneal have some differences at another point when Charles was also a leading candidate for the job.

Dere must be someting bout dat job dat have people willing to risk dere reputation for it

methodic 2017-01-22 23:24:11 

In reply to imusic

to have a national head coaching experience on your resume adds something