WICB stages Coaches Conference in Barbados

Thu, Sep 3, '15



WICB Press Release: ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – A historic gathering will take place tomorrow in Barbados, when the WICB Professional Cricket League Coaches Conference is convened featuring coaches from each of the six franchises.

For the first time, regional coaches will meet with three key WICB officials – Director of Cricket Richard Pybus, Convenor of the West Indies Selection Panel Clive Lloyd and Head Coach of the West Indies team Phil Simmons – to discuss matters of common interest in the further development of the game at the professional level in the Caribbean.

The coaches attending are: Hendy Springer and Dexter Toppin (Barbados Pride), Esuan Crandon and Rayon Griffith (Guyana Jaguars), Junior Bennett (Jamaica Scorpions), Reginald Benjamin (Leeward Islands Hurricanes), Gus Logie (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force) and Ian Allen (Windward Islands Volcanoes).

“It’s the first sitting of the franchise coaches with us and to get them all aware of what are our common goals as we approach the second season of operation of the PCL,” said Pybus, who will chair the meeting.

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Galle likely to host West Indies Test

Thu, Sep 3, '15


Sri Lanka

After much deliberation, Sri Lanka Cricket's interim committee is likely to retain Galle as a venue for the two-Test series against West Indies in October but has decided to drastically reduce the costs it will incur in hosting the match there, as well as at other venues for the tour.

"We hope to cut costs down to about Rs 3 million (approx. $22,200) to try and offset the losses we will incur hosting West Indies," Kushil Gunasekera, the interim committee vice-president, said.

"We didn't want to deprive the outstation spectators from watching an international match but at the same time we had to also curtail the losses that we will incur playing at Galle.


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The essential discussions about WI Cricket

Thu, Sep 3, '15



Nothing ever goes smoothly with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in recent times, regardless of how insignificant the issue may be. We could recall the foot dragging process which took place when the Board had to approach India to discuss the incident which was caused by our players leaving the field during a Test series against India at home.

In an effort to find a solution as to the restructuring of the game in the region, the board seemed to have decided to open some form of dialogue in the various countries, in order to get maximum contribution as to ways and means of improving cricket in the region.

For some unknown reason, many of the other countries have been scheduled for meetings, with the exception of T&T.

Even something as simple as arranging a meeting for such an important task, the board has not been able to handle the organisation professionally.

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BCA must unite to achieve goals

Thu, Sep 3, '15



I LIKEN the running of an institution to that of a relay team.

Teamwork has to be at the forefront to achieve the goals that have been set.

You don’t necessarily need to have equal strength on each leg to succeed but you do need every runner to perform the role he’s been assigned to the best of his ability. The synchronisation of effort could deliver the designated results.

As the just re-elected president of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) for his fifth term, I believe job number one for Joel Garner is to unite his organisation so that cricket’s best interest will be served.

It won’t happen if the deep divisions that come with elections are allowed to continue and fester like a terminal illness.

Listening to his post-election interview, I got the feeling he is very conscious that there might still be dark shadows which could pose a threat to good and stable governance of the association.

In stating he is prepared to work with anyone, he was also wary of those who would take to the media to leak sensitive and confidential information to the public, which could only serve to damage the image of the organisation even if that type of manoeuvring is intended to undermine a particular individual.
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Jamaica Gleaner Apologizes to Michael Holding

Wed, Sep 2, '15


Michael Holding

Today's version of the Jamaica Gleaner is carrying an apology to cricket commentator Michael Holding with regard to comments made in an article written by Oral Tracey.

The article, published in the Gleaner and on the newspaper's website on January 20 2015, was entitled 'Victimisation, or consequence of action?' referred to and made certain statements about Mr. Michael Holding.

The Gleaner states "The Gleaner and Mr. Tracey apologize to Mr. Holding for having published the words in the article which referred to Mr. Holding and state unequivocally that there was no intention to suggest that Mr. Holding was either dishonest, irrational, had no honest belief in his own opinions or had any improper motive."

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