ICC announces review of 2014 restructuring

Fri, Feb 5, '16



The ICC has announced it will carry out a complete constitutional review of the changes brought about by the "Big Three" takeover in 2014. Moves have already begun to dismantle the system of governance proposed by the BCCI, ECB and CA two years ago, with confirmation of the expected change to make the ICC chairman an independent position.

The outcomes from the ICC board meeting on Wednesday also included removing permanent positions for India, England and Australia on the Executive Committee and the Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee - the ICC's two most powerful forums.

In a statement, the ICC said the board had "agreed to carry out a complete review of the 2014 resolutions and constitutional changes with a view to establishing governance, finance, corporate and cricketing structures that are appropriate and effective for the strategic role and function of the ICC and all of its members".

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Chanderpaul was not forced to retire, says WICB

Thu, Feb 4, '16


WICB Under Scrutiny

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is refuting a suggestion that it forced veteran cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul to retire from international cricket so that he can play in the inaugural Masters Cricket League (MCL) T20 currently underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Chanderpaul is claiming that a No Objection Certificate issued to him by the WICB contained a threatening clause, which forced him to call time on his international career.

WICB issued NOCs to four players, including Chanderpaul, to facilitate their participation in the MCL, a tournament approved by the International Cricket Council for players who have retired from international cricket.

“I was given a No Objection Certificate by WICB with a clause in it that I retire on the 23rd,” Chanderpaul told ESPNcricinfo.

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Chanderpaul forced to retire - but commitment to Guyana still strong

Wed, Feb 3, '16


Shiv Chanderpaul

Shivnarine Chanderpaul has insisted he has not retired from domestic cricket and intends to resume playing for Guyana within a couple of weeks.
In an episode that sheds light on the sometimes toxic relationship between the West Indies Cricket Board and Caribbean players, Chanderpaul has expressed resentment at being obliged to announce his international retirement in order to gain a No Objection Certificate to play in the Masters Champions League currently taking place in the UAE.
Chanderpaul, 41, has not played international cricket since May 2015 and was omitted from the list of contracted WICB players in December.
"I was given a No Objection Certificate by WICB with a clause in it that I retire on the 23rd," Chanderpaul told ESPNcricinfo. "If I didn't announce my retirement they would have taken it back.


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West Indies mankad Zimbabwe to enter quarterfinal

Tue, Feb 2, '16


WI U-19

West Indies Under-19 entered the quarter-final of the World Cup in controversial and tense circumstances, as Keemo Paul effected a mankad to claim the last Zimbabwe Under-19 wicket - that of Richard Ngarava - with three runs needed off the final over. Paul ran through the bowling crease without entering his delivery stride and broke the stumps, catching the non-striker Ngarava with his bat on the line while he was standing a couple of steps out of his crease.
The two on-field umpires conferred before asking West Indies if they wanted to uphold the appeal, and once it was confirmed that they did, the third umpire was called in and found the batsman just on the line, ending Zimbabwe's campaign in a game they had to win to make the quarter-final. The dismissal was within the rules of the game.
A visibly upset Zimbabwe captain Brandon Mavuta refused to comment on the mankad after the game "We got so close, no comment about it. I don't have anything to say right now," Mavuta said. "No comment."

ESPNcricinfo has the report

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Shivnarine Chanderpaul: When others Faltered, he never Surrendered

Mon, Feb 1, '16



SHIVNARINE Chanderpaul has finally called it a day; he has retired from international cricket. At age 41 going on 42, he is well past the normal retirement age for contemporary cricketers.
That he is now retiring has a lot to do with his durability and his hunger to play cricket. Some have characterised this as selfishness on his part and have been calling for his exit for quite a while.

The truth is that the older Chanderpaul got the better he performed and the worse the team around him played.

So what is Chanderpaul’s legacy to the game he played with much distinction? How will he be remembered? At a broader level, his career coincided with the decline of West Indies fortunes. That cannot be overlooked for cricket is ultimately a team sport. But he is not alone in this regard; he is a contemporary of the great Brian Lara. Should the inability of the team to benefit from the great contributions of these players as far as victories go, be held against them? Maybe there is something to be teased out there, but ultimately a player’s performance cannot be denied.

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