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Trump and the Tainted Presidency

ProWI 2017-01-10 03:49:19 

Give him some Blows, Charles

Left Hook

The more we learn about Russia’s hacking and the release of its electronic loot during our presidential election, the more it becomes clear that Donald Trump’s victory and his imminent presidency are already tainted beyond redemption

Right Upper Cut

Putin helped to defeat a woman, Hillary Clinton, who promised to be a staunch adversary and helped elevate in her stead a Troglodytic lout who somehow believes that the snake that coils itself around you is just giving you a hug, and who sounded so pro-Vladimir Putin that he did everything but blow kisses at the Kremlin.

Left Jab

On the same day, Trump was briefed on the hacking by intelligence officials, after which he released an incredulous statement claiming “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.”

(Ironically, that also happened to be the same day that a joint session of Congress performed its perfunctory duty of counting the Electoral College votes and verifying Trump’s victory.)

No sir, Mr. Trump, as is your wont, your assertions stretch well beyond your proof. An impact that cannot be measured is not the same as an impact that does not exist. The question isn’t “if” but “how much”; not the existence of impact but the degree to which that impact was dispositive.

Right Hook

You twist the truth like a string of yarn caught in a fan. But eventually, you and every citizen of this country must face the fact that you were not only elected but also installed, that your victory will be forever tangled up in the yellow tape of an international crime scene.

No wonder then that you have systematically sought to denigrate all inquiry into this act of cyber warfare that the intelligence report called “unprecedented.” You have scorned our intelligence agencies - you tweet “intelligence” in quotes the same way that we should eventually use quotes around the word “president” when it precedes your name - and you have continued your assault on the press.

Knock-Out and down for the 4-year Count

Mr. Trump, your victory is tainted; your legitimacy is rightly in question The American people cast their ballots in the fog of fake news and under influence of stolen property weaponized as a tool of propaganda.

Some may hesitate to say that the American presidency was stolen, but it is irrefutable that the integrity of our democratic process was injured when the sanctity of what we considered uncorrupted self-determination was assaulted.

Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s American “president” - clearly his preference and possibly his product.

And, I say his Puppet

And the crowd, those who have never drunk the Koop-Aid, rose in a loud roar of an applause.

Ninetenjack 2017-01-10 07:33:27 

In reply to ProWI

Ask your self 2 simple questions:

- was anything revealed in the alleged hack untrue?
- and if so should have Hillary been allowed to get away with it?

2 fucking DMC chairs had to resign in disgrace.

It's amazing that educated men like Charles call the above sausage making.

If a thief is cleaning out my house and I arrive before he had a chance to leave. Should he be allowed to keep his ill gotten gains because he would have if I was 5 minutes late?

ProWI 2017-01-10 08:43:44 

So, you're excusing the hacking because it revealed some juicy sausage pieces?

You are either being simple-minded or you fail to understand the import of the uproar, because you can't see beyond the sausage.

seaegg99 2017-01-10 08:50:51 

In reply to ProWI

Now use the hacking of the RNC to hold them hostage! Divide and conquer. The dumbing down of America is now complete!

birdseye 2017-01-10 09:31:08 

In reply to Ninetenjack

An impact that cannot be measured is not the same as an impact that does not exist. The question isn’t “if” but “how much”; not the existence of impact but the degree to which that impact was dispositive.
You have to admit – that is a very cogent and impactive comment --- inarguably wink wink

Ninetenjack 2017-01-10 09:46:52 

This is not to say that some of what was revealed about the Democrats in the hacked emails wasn’t disturbing. It was, although most of the emails simply showed the unappetizing process by which the sausage is made. What made the leaks feel fishy was the absolute asymmetry of the targeting — it was Democratic only.

That is the only substantive statement he has made, he calls it disturbing I call it down right criminal. I agree the RNC wasn't given the same treatment but no one is talking about the fact that 77% of the mainstream media was against Trump and that over 90% of journalists were contributing to the DNC.

Get fucking real, the Democrats lost, move the fuck on.....

nitro 2017-01-10 12:37:36 

In reply to ProWI

Trump won, get over it.

POINT 2017-01-10 13:17:29 

In reply to ProWI

This is precisely why I have stated before Mr. Blow's article was printed
that there will be an Asterisk at
Donald J Trump's name .

It must also be noted that Hillary
Clinton got more Popular Votes than Trump got.
True she did not win the Electoral
Votes , which determines the Presidency of the USA . In the Popular vote , Hillary Clinton got
nearly nearly 3 million more votes
than Donald Trump .

Ninetenjack 2017-01-10 18:36:07 

In reply to POINT

It must also be noted that Hillary
Clinton got more Popular Votes than Trump got.

So if she won the Popular vote by 2 million votes and California by 3.5 million votes, would that mean with the exception of the Socialist Republic of California Donald Trump won the Popular vote...... big grin big grin