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Leeward Hurricanes vs Jamaica Scorpions R4D D/N

voiceofreason 2017-03-17 11:14:15 

Should be an interesting encounter with some subplots. This is a day/night encounter with both teams losing big last game, so both need to get back on track particularly Leewards who are on a 3 game losing skid after a decent start.

Last game the Leewards with 10 men lost to a star studded Bajan squad while the Jaguars took the sting out of the Scorpions. Then there is Bonner vs Thomas . Jacobs the leggie vs the Leewards right hand Batsmen. Will Kieran Powell play because he will be crucial vs the Leggie.


JAMAICA SCORPIONS (from): Nikita Miller (captain), Jermaine Blackwood, Damion Jacobs, Brandon King, Andre McCarthy, Marquino Mindley, Paul Palmer Jr, Jerome Taylor, Devon Thomas, Shacaya Thomas, Chadwick Walton

IN-Allen, Powell, OUT-John Campbell, Derval Green

LEEWARD ISLANDS HURRICANES (from): Kieran Powell (captain), Nkrumah Bonner, Jason Campbell, Kaecy Carty, Rahkeem Cornwall, Jahmar Hamilton, Montcin Hodge, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph, Jeremiah Louis, Jermaine Otto, Gavin Tonge, Hayden Walsh Jr

Slipfeeler 2017-03-17 12:39:26 

In reply to voiceofreason

I hope King plays. He murdered LI bowlers the last time the teams met scoring about 191 runs!

WestDem 2017-03-17 14:48:20 

In reply to voiceofreason

Is this a Day/Night or Night/Night game? No scores yet?

positiveg 2017-03-17 14:59:12 

In reply to WestDem

Yep day night

doosra 2017-03-17 15:05:07 

gwaan revo

done dem title hopes in a urry big grin

natty_forever 2017-03-17 15:40:20 


mikesiva 2017-03-18 15:56:09 

In reply to voiceofreason

Rovman Powell plays. Paul palmer sits. Shacoya Thomas replaces John Campbell.

Leewards bat first.

RoyK 2017-03-18 16:22:25 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 10/1 (4 OV)
K Powell ct Blackwood b Mindley 10
New Batsman J Otto

RoyK 2017-03-18 16:23:20 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 10/2 (4.1 OV)
M Hodge ct Blackwood b Taylor 0
New Batsman K Carty

mikesiva 2017-03-18 16:25:02 

In reply to RoyK

IMHO Powell is not ready for a test recall. He has to score more than other openers in the four day game first.

Otto bowled by mindley for four.

RoyK 2017-03-18 16:56:25 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 25/3 (11.1 OV)
J Otto Bowled Mindley 4
New Batsman N Bonne

RoyK 2017-03-18 17:33:26 

#JMSvLIH: LIH 31/3 (15 OV)
J Otto 16
Bonner 0

mikesiva 2017-03-18 17:43:13 

In reply to RoyK

Bonner out to Taylor for a duck!

RoyK 2017-03-18 17:44:01 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 35/4 (18.2 OV)
N Bonner ct S Thomas b Taylor 0
New Batsman J Hamilton

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 17:50:50 

Looks like Bonner's return to his old environs has resulted in a return to his old ways.

Thomas got a century on his return, Bonner a duck. What the pluck!

RoyK 2017-03-18 18:02:20 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 41/5 (22.5 OV)
J Hamilton ct Taylor b Miller 0
Carty 26*

mikesiva 2017-03-18 18:02:25 

In reply to voiceofreason

Miller gets rid of Hamilton for a duck!
big grin
Miller time!

RoyK 2017-03-18 18:38:39 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 41/6 (23.2 OV)
K Carty ct wk Walton b Taylor 26
New Batsman J Lovis

RoyK 2017-03-18 18:48:28 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 47/7 (25.5 OV)
J Lovis ct & b Taylor 0
New Batsman G Tonge

RoyK 2017-03-18 18:54:32 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 53/8 (27.2 OV)
G Tonge ct Miller b Taylor 0
New Batsman A Joseph

Drapsey 2017-03-18 19:01:49 

In reply to RoyK

Look at the bright side, VOR.

The score is 53 ( for 8 ). That's already 4 more than the Yaddies' low score of 49. 49ers, remember?

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 19:09:59 

In reply to Drapsey

Thanks for the positive reflections Droopsey.

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 19:10:57 

Where is the video?

RoyK 2017-03-18 19:15:50 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 67/9 (32 OV)
A Joseph Bowled Taylor 1
New Batsman J Campbell
Taylor 13-4-30-5

RoyK 2017-03-18 19:28:10 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! LIH 71 (34.4 OV)
R Cornwall ct S Thomas b Miller 29

buds 2017-03-18 20:04:38 

Jamaica has no better player than SThomas to put in the team? The man has been a rank failure since his call up .Get Palmer in there asap..

openning 2017-03-18 20:31:23 

In reply to buds

Allyuh like putting a square peg in a round hole, Thomas is a middle order batsman not an opener.

buds 2017-03-18 20:33:41 

In reply to openning

So why JA forcing the man to bat as an opener..?
Makes no,sense..

yardman83 2017-03-18 21:21:21 

That is probably Shacoya Thomas opening and not Devon Thomas.

buds 2017-03-18 21:22:26 

In reply to yardman83
It is Shacoya.,
Any score updates?

amedatman 2017-03-18 21:27:00 

In reply to yardman83 Correct, it is S. Thomas

amedatman 2017-03-18 21:29:05 

In reply to budsTop right of this page. WHo wants to see the embarrassing score anyway.
evil evil twisted rolleyes rolleyes

buds 2017-03-18 21:42:16 

JA always bat down to the competition when the game should be a cake walk..
Its crazy..The openers alone should knock that shitty score off but as usual we make a meal of an easy chase.. evil

openning 2017-03-18 21:50:03 

That 69 is gatable, Yardie seem to be hornier. lol lol

RoyK 2017-03-18 21:51:47 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 50/8 (20.3 OV)
Taylor ct Joseph b Louis 0
New Batsman M Mindley
Hurricanes 71

openning 2017-03-18 21:57:13 

How can you have a feature D/N game without audio and video?

RoyK 2017-03-18 21:57:31 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 51/9 (21.3 OV)
M Mindley ct wk hamilton b Joseph 1
New Batsman N Miller
Hurricanes 71
Louis 6-5-2-4

Narper 2017-03-18 21:57:36 

WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 51/9 (21.3 OV)

M Mindley ct wk hamilton b Joseph 1

amedatman 2017-03-18 21:58:41 

In reply to openning Simple. Go cheap! No respect for fans.

doosra 2017-03-18 21:58:44 

white fowl shortage big grin

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 22:05:37 

In reply to openning

Right in Dave's backyard too!

doosra 2017-03-18 22:34:40 

Tonge 9.1-0-16-4
Louis 10-7-4-4
Joseph 10-3-36-2

amedatman 2017-03-18 22:35:14 

It's a book cricket match a gwaan a 'Bina tonight??? SMDH.
evil rolleyes shock

doosra 2017-03-18 22:36:25 

In reply to amedatman

yadi a score one

vor dih nadda big grin

SirGarny 2017-03-18 22:36:53 

In reply to voiceofreason

Can you believe this bowelry? A team posts a first innings score of 71 and then restricts their opponents to 56 all out!!

I can't defend Blackwood anymore....let him set for a while and re-learn his craft...


positiveg 2017-03-18 22:43:12 

You know when I saw Leewards score was like wow.
But I didn't expect JA to make be say WOW WOW
lol lol

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 22:45:11 

In reply to SirGarny
Remember it rained all day yesterday and part of today, then it is a day/night so the pitch would be offering some assistance. Reaally unfortunate we could not get some video to assess for ourselves.

Now Powell runout. What a mess!

doosra 2017-03-18 22:53:37 

In reply to voiceofreason

dis could done tonight big grin

doosra 2017-03-18 22:53:43 

can yad chase 50?

Narper 2017-03-18 22:54:34 

WICKET!!!!! Hurricanes 13/2 (2.5 OV)
Otto LBW Taylor 5

dayne 2017-03-18 23:30:36 

I guess the pitch must be rain affected, because the scores are not F/C standard like.

voiceofreason 2017-03-18 23:42:26 

Double duck in one night for Bonner. What the pluck?

Narper 2017-03-18 23:47:45 

WICKET!!!!! Hurricanes 26/5 (11.5 OV)
N Bonner ct wk Walton b Powell 0

Narper 2017-03-19 00:03:53 

Close of Play
Hurricanes 32/5 (17 OV)
Hamilton 4
Campbell 2

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 00:11:32 

25 Wickets in one day for 159 Runs

mikesiva 2017-03-19 04:08:52 

In reply to voiceofreason

What a farce!
No wonder our test team is languishing in eighth place.

SirGarny 2017-03-19 11:57:01 

In reply to voiceofreason

Remember it rained all day yesterday and part of today, then it is a day/night so the pitch would be offering some assistance

I can understand the Jamaica score if they batted FIRST and found the wicket devilish. But Jamaica batsmen took no note of how the wicket played. After bowling out their opponent for 71, they went in and BATTED THE VERY SAME WAY!

No excuse for that. None whatsoever! evil evil twisted

dale_staple 2017-03-19 12:11:09 

In reply to SirGarny

Dung heap is as dung heap does.

Pacy 2017-03-19 12:11:37 

In reply to SirGarny

May be the pitch is really unplayable... 3 bad totals cannot happen.

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 12:30:20 

In reply to SirGarny

After losing the entire first day due to inclement weather, the Scorpions won the toss and invited the Hurricanes to take first strike on a slightly damp pitch, with a shade of grass. The decision proved very effective, as the seamers utilised the conditions to their advantage.

Link Text

mikesiva 2017-03-19 15:55:12 

In reply to voiceofreason

Miller time!
Campbell out for 18. Leewards 56-6.

Cornwall out to mindley for five. Leewards 63-7.

Rain stops play. Leewards 80-7.

Narper 2017-03-19 17:38:08 

WICKET!!!!! Hurricanes 126/8 (47.1 OV)
J Hamilton LBW Jacobs 45
New Batsman G Tonge
LEAD 141

Narper 2017-03-19 17:38:57 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Hurricanes 127/9 (48.5 OV)
G Tonge Bowled Miller 0
New Batsman A Joseph
LEAD 142

Narper 2017-03-19 17:46:53 

LEAD 148

Hurricanes 133 A/O (50 OV)

Taylor 12-5-21-2
Mindley 9-1-19-1
Powell 7-3-12-2
Miller 13-1-43-2
Jacobs 9-1-28-2

Chrissy 2017-03-19 17:57:01 

In reply to dale_staple


Narper 2017-03-19 18:07:38 



Scorpions 11/0 (2 OV)

Walton 6
S Thomas 4

Narper 2017-03-19 18:56:03 

Scorpions 15/3 (5.1 OV)

dale_staple 2017-03-19 19:09:26 

In reply to Chrissy

I am sorry Chrissy but this is not acceptable by any standard anywhere. Not even in bush league cricket do you see such scores. Our batting across the region is abysmal. We need to stop blaming selectors, Cameron etc and ask our players what in God's name is so difficult about batting. How can you be 15/3???? What is in the wicket so? Good Lord of my salvation!

buds 2017-03-19 19:19:09 

In reply to dale_staple

They should penalise teams for abysmal scores such as what we are seeing..
Devise some mechanism to deduct points.
Its terrible.

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 19:29:43 

4 down 6 fi go!

Watch out for Louis. Wicket to wicket and swings the ball through the air! Like that youth!

Devo from the Revo at the crease! The ting start!

openning 2017-03-19 19:34:44 

With the exception of Guyana, none of the other teams has an experience world class batsman on it.
It is like the blind leading the blind

doosra 2017-03-19 19:35:23 

In reply to openning

Kraigg not experienced?

Kraigg not world class?

Narper 2017-03-19 19:40:30 

Jamaica 44/5

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 19:50:36 

In reply to buds

They are already mechanisms in place to encourage higher scores in the 1st innings by awarding incentive points. This is a shit wicket because this same Jamaica team scored 550/7 vs Leewards at Warner Park St. Kitts. Leewards got 243 and 234 in that same match.

Link Text

The wicket was damp and this was the first d/n FC match at Sabina, conditions which would have beenn foreign to the players.

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 19:51:08 


#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 50/6 (15.3 OV)
R Powell Bowled Louis 1
New Batsman D Jacobs
Louis 3.3-0-9-3

openning 2017-03-19 19:53:30 

In reply to doosra

Kraigg is still inexperience at the International level, and they is not one International vet on the team, to assist him or others, when the going is rought.
A Lawrence Rowe at Sabina on this wicket, will be fighting for his wicket, and getting the youngster to fight for theirs.

doosra 2017-03-19 19:55:37 

In reply to openning

he's had 34 tests already man

dale_staple 2017-03-19 19:56:28 

In reply to voiceofreason

Look here VOR...dont bother to blame the wicket. Men have become too accustomed to flat tracks that poor technique has been exposed when they have to play on an old fashioned wicket. I am willing to bet good money that none of the batsmen practiced much at night to get accustomed to batting test style in the night.

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 20:03:42 

In reply to dale_staple

that none of the batsmen practiced much at night to get accustomed to batting test style in the night

Practiced much? I am not sure what you quantify much as but as far as I know this is the first competitive d/n FC match at this venue. You had one day rained out so possibly the wicket was ill prepared.

Men have become too accustomed to flat tracks that poor technique has been exposed when they have to play on an old fashioned wicket.

That is the same all over the cricketing world. I mean seriously your home team created a shit of a wicket for a historical event and you blaming the players? You cannot even get proper coverage of the HISTORICAL match and you blaming the players.

Maispwi 2017-03-19 20:09:55 

In reply to dale_staple

Ah suppose you said de same ting about de players when dey abandoned the test match against England.

Dat match should never have started the time it did. Playing on a damp pitch in night time conditions is something dat very few if any get practice doing.

De players should sue de umpires for endangering dere lives

SirGarny 2017-03-19 20:31:24 

In reply to voiceofreason

You had one day rained out so possibly the wicket was ill prepared.

Reasoner I'm Jamaican and I'm not accepting that! Like I stated before, Leewards batted first and posted a paltry 71. It was incumbent on the Jamaican batsmen to play circumspectly in their response, knowing that their natural attacking game wasn't possible on this wicket.

But no... twisted evil

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 20:42:13 

In reply to SirGarny

I am assuming you watched the game hence the reason for your conclusion that the Jamaican batsmen did not play circumspectly on this wicket.

Narper 2017-03-19 20:43:29 


Scorpions 82/7 (26)

Tonge 8-1-29-1
Joseph 10-1-30-2
Louis 8-1-23-4

Maispwi 2017-03-19 21:00:15 

How does one play circumspectly on a damp wicket to bowlers with de pace of Al Jo et al

Gun_Play 2017-03-19 21:09:35 

In reply to Maispwi

Jamaica should invest in better covers or a better drainage system.

Maybe invest in both.

SirGarny 2017-03-19 21:10:25 

In reply to voiceofreason

I am assuming you watched the game hence the reason for your conclusion

No I haven't seen the match at all. No coverage, remember! But it doesn't take a nuclear physicist to come to the same conclusion. Batting on a bad wicket demands more patience, discipline and concentration than doing so on a normal wicket....

In other words...don't repeat the efforts of the team you bowled out for 71.

Narper 2017-03-19 21:14:51 

Scorpions 92/7 (29 OV)
Blackwood 41
Taylor 13
Partnership 25 from 46 Balls

Narper 2017-03-19 21:31:01 

Scorpions 104/7 (33 OV)
Blackwood 47
Taylor 19
Partnership 37 from 70 Balls

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 21:33:57 

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 105/9 (33.5 OV)
Taylor ct Carty b Joseph 19
New Batsman N Miller
Joseph 13.5-1-39-4

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 104/8 (33.1 OV)
Blackwood ct wk Otto b Joseph
New Batsman M Mindley
Joseph 13.1-1-38-3

tc1 2017-03-19 21:44:29 

In reply to voiceofreason

the game done

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 21:46:22 

In reply to tc1

How you know that? Did not get an update on twitter.

openning 2017-03-19 21:48:54 

In reply to voiceofreason

This is 2017, and DD and his gang has the nerve to get a third term.

tc1 2017-03-19 21:50:21 

In reply to voiceofreason

sorry, i was asking you, I am following your post, it's only a matter of time

Narper 2017-03-19 21:51:44 


Scorpions 114 A/O

Tonge 8-1-29-1
Joseph 15.5-1-43-5
Louis 9-2-23-4

tc1 2017-03-19 21:51:51 

In reply to openning
u a member of the BCA, u could run against him

analyst-kid 2017-03-19 21:52:25 

J'ca 114 all out...Leewards Hurricanes win.

SirGarny 2017-03-19 22:00:59 

In reply to analyst-kid

MOM should go to the pitch

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 22:05:44 

In reply to SirGarny

MOM should go to the pitch

I a bit confused as to your contradiction. How could the MOM be the pitch when you blamed the batsmen?

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 22:06:48 

Leewards pacers took all 20 of their team's wickets. I think this must be a first in a long time or maybe all time.

Baje 2017-03-19 22:09:16 

In reply to voiceofreason
This Louis guy, where has he been?

openning 2017-03-19 22:11:35 

In reply to tc1

My experience as the first president of the Barbados association here, make me stay away from any Barbados or Caribbean association.
Lets put it this way, I got off a plane at the GBI once in the 80's and a High Commissioner was trying to get my attention, I just told him, a person like him should had been aborted
I go to bim, have fun with my siblings, watch cricket and leave

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 22:14:09 

In reply to Baje
Should always be in the team. Has good all-round potential. Athletic Bowler who swings the ball at good pace low 80's and can bat a bit as he showed in the 2nd ininigs and in the Super 50 vs Barbados. He should always be in the team but horses for courses they say. My MOM in this game with 8 wickets and 23 valuable runs. Big error to have left him out of the last game vs BIM as we missed the extra seamer on that helpful wicket.

He is in the SKN Patriots.

aliaskid13 2017-03-20 11:32:10 

The scores from this match make me wonder if there was any real preparation done in either camp prior to this encounter. How much practice did they do, if any at all, with the pink ball under those conditions? This whole game reeks of unpreparedness. It couldn't have been all about the pitch. More often than not, these pitches offer little or no assistance to fast bowlers, and certainly not enough assistance to make every pacer virtually unplayable. So to see fast bowlers totally dominating the game like this makes you wonder what was so different. I mean, as a pacer I'm happy to see us have our day in these times of short boundaries and bats that look like a piece of 4x4 with a handle, and as a Leewards superfan i'll be grateful for any and all victories we get, but this didn't look good for our cricket on a whole.