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WI should play second-tier Test cricket....

mikesiva 2017-03-19 09:32:51 

With Bangladesh's second Test win in Sri Lanka, they're narrowing the gap on the West Indies. And Sri Lanka are in decline, and will soon reach our level.

The test rankings. ...

1) India 121
2) Australia 109
3) South Africa 107
4) England 101
5) New Zealand 98
6) Pakistan 97

The growing gap...and then:

7) Sri Lanka 90
8 ) west indies 69
9) Bangladesh 66

They are not far away from us.

There is a de facto two tier system already in test cricket.

The top six....

South Africa
New Zealand

The bottom four. ....

Sri Lanka
West indies

Give Afghanistan and Ireland test status and formalise the two tier system. The bottom teams can give the top six a fight at home only so IMHO that's how our fixtures should be in future. Play home and away against the bottom six and play at home only against the top six.

Emir 2017-03-19 09:56:57 

In reply to mikesiva

Well said and good facts.

Here's my two cents:

1. Sri Lanka is on a rebuilding stage and the signs are good for them, they have talent and management and they will soon rise again.

2. Bangladesh is on the up, they recently beat the British and SL and really competed against India- their rating is skewed towards their older games and at this point, they can beat WI anywhere

3. This leaves the WICBC as the only team in perpetual decline with no signs of an impending upward movement, each time their is progress, the cancerous WICBC gets working to kill the good cells.

Khaga 2017-03-19 10:09:51 

You lot will cry "racism" if ICC relegates Mindies..maybe you should voluntarily withdraw from test cricket.