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Vishal Singh

kingie 2017-03-19 09:34:43 

Got my first look at Vishal Singh yesterday,goodish technique,strong on the off side lots that can be worked on but looked short on confidence....was also surprised at how small he was.

RoyK 2017-03-19 09:48:51 

In reply to kingieDid you get the video on the match yesterday?

kingie 2017-03-19 10:14:30 

In reply to RoyK

Watched it on TV

dayne 2017-03-19 10:16:21 

In reply to kingie

It seems like the WI A team tour to Asia a year ago had some negative effect on his form, however he is a very small person, I wonder if he can throw the ball from the boundary back to the wicket-keeper on the full.

RoyK 2017-03-19 10:33:34 

In reply to kingiePlease can you post the score..Thanks

kingie 2017-03-19 10:42:21 

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Will do in a few minutes,got something on the stove that requires my undivided attention.

kingie 2017-03-19 10:44:15 

In reply to RoyK
Guy 273/9

RoyK 2017-03-19 10:45:46 

In reply to kingieThank you very much.

kingie 2017-03-19 10:54:48 

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RoyK 2017-03-19 10:56:49 

The last pair need to stick around and get to 300 for the batting bonus point, and also let the Titties burn in the sun..