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Why hold R4D matches at Sabina when?

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 16:07:07 

We cannot even get a decent video link? Forget about audio as that might be asking too much. I believe Cricket WI should not allocate any games to a venue unless they could at least provide video coverage.

doosra 2017-03-19 16:15:01 

In reply to voiceofreason

come on u can defend 100 here big grin

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 16:18:53 

In reply to doosra

Would be nice to see us defend 100? Hate these tweets!smile

doosra 2017-03-19 16:22:07 

In reply to voiceofreason

u mean the tweets that coming 56-6, 63-7?

score nah move?

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 16:26:59 

In reply to doosra

Yes they take forever and when they do come is a wicket! Good when Jamaica batting but bad when Leewards batting. smile

doosra 2017-03-19 16:30:12 

In reply to voiceofreason

u hoping next one is 80sinting for same 7? big grin

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 16:34:49 

In reply to doosra

Yes 85/7.


This is the first R4D d/n at Sabina?

doosra 2017-03-19 16:38:42 

In reply to voiceofreason

75-7 now


10 more

not sure if first dn

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 16:43:07 

In reply to doosra
We have the bowling but maybe the pitch has settled down? I am hoping for 120-150.

Chrissy 2017-03-19 17:01:44 

In reply to doosra

Yep first D/N first class match

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 17:11:08 

In reply to Chrissy

First D/N first class match and this is the best they could do?

Redmoron was right to call them Shamaica.

doosra 2017-03-19 18:33:23 

In reply to voiceofreason

macomere u have 149 fih defend

let see who get seed like man big grin

doosra 2017-03-19 19:12:33 

In reply to voiceofreason

u can still defend 100 big grin

Chrissy 2017-03-19 19:47:09 

In reply to doosra

Five wickets down already

voiceofreason 2017-03-19 19:51:59 

In reply to Chrissy

Make that 6:

#JMSvLIH: WICKET!!!!! Scorpions 50/6 (15.3 OV)
R Powell Bowled Louis 1
New Batsman D Jacobs
Louis 3.3-0-9-3

Leff the white fowl unnuh hear? smile

doosra 2017-03-19 19:56:22 

In reply to voiceofreason

go for the 100

doosra 2017-03-19 20:17:13 


natty_forever 2017-03-20 10:55:32 

In reply to voiceofreason... yet we saw highlights on sports news each night. Go figure. Is like a punch drunk, caan bother complain no more, just SMFH!

voiceofreason 2017-03-20 11:54:40 

In reply to natty_forever

The lowlights you saw what is your opinion on the dismissals? Pitch or Player?

natty_forever 2017-03-20 12:03:39 

In reply to voiceofreason... Pitch had life, players out at sea in my opinion. Little pace and man "wafting" outside them off-stump like them 'fraid.