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The visionary who could, Sir Frank Worrel

openning 2017-03-19 18:01:52 

What were the personal attributes that made Worrell such a great leader? First, he possessed a high level of integrity, a powerful set of core values, a healthy level of self-confidence and a strong sense of self-acceptance and self-belief. Second, he had extensive knowledge of the game and its history, a sharp understanding of his players, their culture and the things that made them tick. Third, he had wide experience and a tremendous track record; he knew how to control himself and how to stay calm and focused under pressure. Fourth, he had the ability to create harmonious, cooperative and stimulating relationships within the team. Fifth, he had a keen mind, strong analytical abilities, good judgement and the capacity to think simply, clearly and strategically. Sixth, but by no means least, he possessed high levels of motivation and self-discipline, two of the most important factors in performance at the highest levels of sport. And he did his best to imprint some of these qualities into the minds of his players. - See more at:

POINT 2017-03-19 20:12:17 

In this very Forum , I have consistently extolled the visionary
deeds of SIr Frank Worrell .

The man who demanded that Players from both the Windward &
Leeward Islands be allowed to vie
for places on the West Indies Team.

I do not recall that he was a Member of the WICBC when he demanded that this should be done .

Chrissy 2017-03-19 20:40:24 

In reply to openning

Worrell - great man

tc1 2017-03-19 20:44:28 

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he also had Sobers, Kanhai, Hall, Hunte and Gibbs all world class players by the age of 23 /27.

that helps