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Let's Go West Indies....time to say....

WestDem 2017-04-21 10:56:17 

Thank you to de WICB for rewarding us for winning Championships! lol lol lol

Courtesy 2017-04-21 10:57:33 

In reply to WestDem

lol lol lol

WestDem 2017-04-21 11:00:24 

In reply to Courtesy

You know I am very happy, right? lol lol lol

Courtesy 2017-04-21 11:01:49 

In reply to WestDem

And I am happy for you.

big grin

positiveg 2017-04-21 11:04:28 

In reply to WestDem

Boy i just saw update on cricinfo
I was like me boys Narps and WestDem got to be happier than hogs in mud lol lol

thefacts 2017-04-21 11:06:16 


thefacts 2017-04-21 11:06:33 

KB .... Mafia FCUKED!!!!!!!

WestDem 2017-04-21 11:13:04 

In reply to positiveg

lol lol lol

WestDem 2017-04-21 11:13:51 

In reply to thefacts

Get de FACK off this thread with yuh Bajan hate! lol lol

googley 2017-04-21 11:14:58 

In reply to WestDem

Berbician will once again resurrect WI cricket! lol lol lol

NYCGURU 2017-04-21 11:21:41 

In reply to WestDem

That is one tiring dude. Like a broken record...jeeeez

thefacts 2017-04-21 11:23:32 

In reply to NYCGURU, WestDem

Did i even mention the word "Bajan"?

Or was it your guilty conscience?

cool lol lol

NYCGURU 2017-04-21 11:29:01 

In reply to thefacts

First you need to pay attention because i did not respond to you. And no am not Bajan just find it rather pathetic with the island dropping.

thefacts 2017-04-21 11:30:46 

In reply to NYCGURU

with the island dropping.

but my brother, where did i drop an island? lol

WestDem 2017-04-21 11:37:32 

In reply to googley

Berbican to de world...Hope allyuh get some runs and tek some wickets! lol lol

StumpCam 2017-04-21 11:45:34 

In reply to WestDem

Seems like Hytmyer just rewarded Amir with his wicket!
Lets keep Hope alive! lol lol

WestDem 2017-04-21 11:50:06 

In reply to StumpCam

Dem young batsmen need to start hungry like batsmen in the old Cheesy outshine de two Berbicans... lol lol lol

Hope will deliver de goods with plenty Cheese!

WestDem 2017-04-21 12:41:04 

WOW! Both ah dem gaan back to de Pavilion and it is nat even Lunch yet!!!

imusic 2017-04-21 12:49:52 

In reply to WestDem

Higher standards in action cool

googley 2017-04-21 12:49:57 

In reply to WestDem

cause you goat mouth dem becoming like your guru Chrissy! lol lol

WestDem 2017-04-21 12:57:02 

In reply to imusic

lol lol lol

It can only get higher fuh de second inning....

WestDem 2017-04-21 12:58:09 

In reply to googley

This is nat GM bhai...its nervousness...they will bounce back...before the series is over!! lol lol

imusic 2017-04-21 19:10:41 

In reply to WestDem

This is nat GM bhai...its nervousness...they will bounce back

Careful dem bounce back to Borbeese razz