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Hetmyer speaks - trusting in positive batting style

Narper 2017-05-19 12:48:34 

Optimistic of getting the nod for the August-September tour of England, the player told Guyana Times Sport that he would remain positive in his approach to constructing a Test innings.

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Narper 2017-05-19 12:50:13 

“I will try to approach it not necessarily the same way, but I’m not trying to change how I approach my game, because some people went into Test cricket one way and they changed; I probably need to tighten up on some stuff,” the Berbician posited.

“It [England] probably might suit my style of batting a bit more because I love the ball coming-on; it is just the swing aspect I think I need to work on.”

“I was comfortable with where I was batting. It was not too bad a start for me, considering it being the first time; I just know I have to work a bit harder on my game and technique.”

Narper 2017-05-19 12:51:21 

“It was a good experience for me. The players are gelling with each other quite well and being a new player in the team, I felt really comfortable with the guys that I played with in four-day and 50-over cricket; knowing I had some Guyanese [Devendra Bishoo and Vishaul Singh] who I have been playing with for the last two years also made it comfortable”.

“It was just a tremendous feeling for me, working from since I was 11 years old and to actually make the team. It was just something I was thinking back about and the hard work I have been putting in played off.”

Now that he has had a taste of international cricket, the player was questioned about his desire to play the other formats.

He responded: “I’m just focusing on one thing at a time, focusing on getting my Test stats up and getting runs under my belt before paying interest on other formats.”

Narper 2017-05-19 12:51:55 

“Hang in there with us; it is a new and young bunch of guys and we are working very hard to make sure that the West Indies get back on top of world,” he stated.

silver 2017-05-19 12:52:09 

You will be a good batsman some day Mr Hetmyer once you get the IPL out of your head

imusic 2017-05-19 12:55:09 

In reply to Narper

knowing I had some Guyanese [Devendra Bishoo and Vishaul Singh] who I have been playing with for the last two years also made it comfortable”.

A very understated aspect of playing in the west indies team

Imagine what it's like when you're a new player and you don't have anyone you know or familiar with


imusic 2017-05-19 12:56:32 

In reply to silver

You will be a good batsman some day Mr Hetmyer once you get the IPL out of your head

What an entirely fucked up...not to mention utterly inaccurate thing to say evil

tops 2017-05-19 15:02:16 

In the series, he had his stumps disturbed four times, once by leg spinner Yasir Shah and the others by balls which were angled in to him by left-arm seamer Mohammed Amir. Though the dismissals hinted at a technical flaw, the batsman said it was more about him misjudging the length of the ball.
“I wouldn’t say it is a weakness; it is just how I judged the length of ball. With these pitches in the Caribbean, some of the lengths, the ball would bounce and some, it would keep low, but I don’t see it as a weakness; it was about me and my decision at that time,” he explained.

Young fella, man, if you misjudge the same kind a ball 3 times, you learning? What if they have the same kind of pitch in England, wah u gon say...
Listen, get a bowling machine and go work hard on deliveries that is giving u a hard time and getting you out and show us that u belong.
Most West Indians r rooting for you and want u to do good.

bobby 2017-05-19 15:11:19 

In reply to Narper
No sir. It is not positive batting. The correct term is brainless batting. Until he learns the difference he will be yet another West Indian to whom that vulgar, Hooperesque word, POTENTIAL, can be attributed.

imusic 2017-05-19 15:59:07 

In reply to bobby

The correct term is brainless batting.


Narper 2017-05-19 16:31:05 

I believe Law & Order did give him licence to play his natural game and go after the bowling and not worry about his place in the side in the just concluded series.

But moving into the the end of the day....only runs will matter....and if they don't come...pressure will build within him and play with his mind...and he could start doubting his ability....and the selectors will start looking elsewhere...and we would have lost another one

Hety needs to tighten his game...and that will come with international exposure and experience

A serious mentor is Carew was for Lara...or Kanhai for Shiv

Cricket_101 2017-05-19 18:25:11 

Good stuff... thanks for sharing Narp.
He seems to have his priorities right.
Wish him all the best.

Runs 2017-05-19 18:34:29 

Work on your shot selection bro

Maispwi 2017-05-19 19:17:15 

Somebody please tell the young man to stop being in denial. The ball comes on to the bat on very few of the pitches in the Caribbean so please doh use dat as an excuse.

If you are getting bowled by balls angled into you it means that you have a big enuff gap between bat and pad for the ball to get thru, doh blame de bounce.

And please doh be satisfied with a 16 average first time out or not.

bobby 2017-05-19 20:04:52 

In reply to imusic
Fling bat and hope for the best is brainless cricket don't care how much BS you smell. You are batting at 3 and coming in at a few for 1 and you fling bat. Maybe worse than brainless. Possibly headless cricket.

imusic 2017-05-19 20:47:55 

In reply to bobby

kraigg brathwaite play how allyuh want and make 5 more runs than hetmeyer with practically same average the whole series

So much for "brainy" cricket rolleyes

FuzzyWuzzy 2017-05-19 21:02:29 

In reply to imusic

You too luv Kraigg. At least Kraigg has a track record in test match cricket

Runs 2017-05-19 21:18:08 

In reply to bobby

You are correct do not bother with that fella bro

Outswinger 2017-05-19 21:56:32 

In reply to Narper

I like him because he can get the ball off the square, is aggressive and means business. He tries hard in the field too. OK, his defence and areas of his technique needs tightening. But this is a guy with the goods. He has to tighten up his technique, polish his shot selection and put more value on his wicket - be more determined to be a pain to the opposition. I'd rather work with that skill-set than with a guy that has limited ability but defends like a garage door. Give him the right help and let him flourish. He could be another Freddo. Maybe better eventually.

aliaskid13 2017-05-20 19:07:11 

In reply to bobby

Right on the money. The kid obviously got talent, but anybody can come and Terry play shot to every ball and make a few runs. But when you're obviously still batting like a school boy in big man cricket you will look dunce. The wickets in the Caribbean aren't helpful to pacers and yet his talents didn't prevent him from looking well out of his depth. I like him as a player. I love his energy on the field. I loved his leadership in the under 19 tournament. But he's not a #3 test batsman right now. I can see that he knows how to score. But I'm not convinced that he knows how to bat. The two aren't necessarily the same thing.