Leeward Hurricanes vs Jamaica Scorpions R4D D/N

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3/19/17 10:11:35 PM 
In reply to tc1

My experience as the first president of the Barbados association here, make me stay away from any Barbados or Caribbean association.
Lets put it this way, I got off a plane at the GBI once in the 80's and a High Commissioner was trying to get my attention, I just told him, a person like him should had been aborted
I go to bim, have fun with my siblings, watch cricket and leave

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3/19/17 10:14:09 PM 
In reply to Baje
Should always be in the team. Has good all-round potential. Athletic Bowler who swings the ball at good pace low 80's and can bat a bit as he showed in the 2nd ininigs and in the Super 50 vs Barbados. He should always be in the team but horses for courses they say. My MOM in this game with 8 wickets and 23 valuable runs. Big error to have left him out of the last game vs BIM as we missed the extra seamer on that helpful wicket.

He is in the SKN Patriots.

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3/20/17 11:32:10 AM 
The scores from this match make me wonder if there was any real preparation done in either camp prior to this encounter. How much practice did they do, if any at all, with the pink ball under those conditions? This whole game reeks of unpreparedness. It couldn't have been all about the pitch. More often than not, these pitches offer little or no assistance to fast bowlers, and certainly not enough assistance to make every pacer virtually unplayable. So to see fast bowlers totally dominating the game like this makes you wonder what was so different. I mean, as a pacer I'm happy to see us have our day in these times of short boundaries and bats that look like a piece of 4x4 with a handle, and as a Leewards superfan i'll be grateful for any and all victories we get, but this didn't look good for our cricket on a whole.

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