How come no discussion on these crappy wickets?

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link Courtesy Joined: Apr 16, 2009
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3/20/17 10:53:49 AM 
A media report from The Jamaica Observer...which gives credence to a pitch with uneven bounce as observed in the first report above.

This followed ...Saturday’s entertaining second day which saw 25 wickets falling, as the batsmen on both teams struggled to effectively navigate the swing and uneven bounce of the pitch...

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3/20/17 11:06:12 AM 
This is a funny thread

Here we have individuals who are miles away from the pitches but will complain.

Let's look at it with just an iota of common sense.

If these are players of calibre on both teams,should'nt they be able to play on any type of pitch.
Do we have such players ? Hmmmmmmmmm

Why is it one team always plays better on the same pitch ie will bat or bowl better.
Do they complain or is it just the team that just lost the match.

So pitches in Hingland , Australia or Hindia gats no uneven bounce or swing problem, just de Caribbean HUh ?

Are our calibre players able to play swing? dem gats lorst don't dey.

So we gats bounce and swing ? waht do dese learned critics ting will happen.

So continue to blame anyting that's around you for the results.

Just keep bytching , bytching and more bytching . The latter solves the problem .

evil evil evil

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3/20/17 11:10:19 AM 
In reply to sgtdjones

Night cricket.

1st class cricket being played at night.

Something new, isn't it?

link sgtdjones Joined: Feb 16, 2017
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3/20/17 11:15:43 AM 
In reply to Drapsey

Okkkkkkk we will gats dem night vision glasses the next game.

Dem go bytch about the balls , den the stadium lights,

Den the grass not green enough at nite.etc etc

Look ee here we gats lousy brain dead players, it's so simple.

link Courtesy Joined: Apr 16, 2009
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3/21/17 11:27:02 AM 
From de mouth of the Jamaica Scorpions skipper: "... I think the pitch played a very huge role in the outcome because it was under-prepared at first-class status..."

I guess some folks here will still doubt the words of de skipper.

Here is an invitation to the players who played the match sitting at their homes...come een and dementir de skipper..

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