Yardie commies well cow bawlin

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4/21/17 11:57:34 AM 
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Over Blackwood's drop

Wayne Lewis cyah stop cry lol

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4/21/17 12:01:42 PM 
In reply to imusic

Blackwood earned his drop..Not sure Hetmyer earned his selection.

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4/21/17 12:08:08 PM 
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Blackie should have been given a chance to fail at home.At least he is more familiar
with the BINA pitch. It is not the ideal place for a debutant with its deceptive pace unless you are Yagga Rowe.
Playing two debutants who are homegrownn on low-slow Providence etc is a major challenge especially for youngsters at Bina. Still I wish both Hetty and Vishaul luck in their careers; they are good youngsters.They must also be given many opportunities to build their careers whatever happens in thisseries.

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