HEADLINE: Holder defends Gabrielís swipe

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5/16/17 2:49:32 PM 
In reply to Baje

Well, maybe you have a better recommendation. Players have to recognize that there are consequences to their actions. There has to be a hearing that vindicates or condemns his action. Otherwise, how would they improve? How would West Indies climb to #1 or #2 or #3? Discipline has to be promoted in all departments.

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5/16/17 2:56:02 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com
“He’s bowled his heart out. He’s gotten a match-winning haul for us in Barbados (second Test), he bowled his heart out in Jamaica (first Test), he bowled his heart out here in Dominica.”

The above quote is pure crap.

By his wild and ill-advised action, he contributed in no small way to West Indies demise, a historic first series win to Pakistan in the Caribbean,

One hundred percent correct. I don't even think Gabriel was aware of this important fact.

That is how clueless these so called professional cricketers are.

As I mentioned on another thread, that is the type of cricketers the WICB are looking for. Brainless cricketers evil evil evil

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5/16/17 3:37:21 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Really good of Holder to speak up for Gabriel.

The criticism of Gabriel's batting, despite him doing his job as a bowler really well, is disappointing.

Meanwhile, there is hardly any criticism of the batsmen who failed to do their jobs, which includes the entire team except Chase and the specialist bowlers.

Not that negative criticism of these players makes any sense, anyway.

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5/16/17 3:58:26 PM 
In reply to bobby that is stupid, when you are fighting a war every one is a soldier from the private to the General, and if he tells you to old that ground you must try and old it. That was a rush of blood to the head. One ball need to negotiate, and he did that? now come on. If he had been bowl by a beauty I could understand, and to get out like that is quite stupid. You may like mediocre, I don't. His fielding is another point still not up to scratch. But that is for another time.

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