The Changing of the Guard

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8/12/17 5:12:36 PM 

Not the way we expected a star to exit; not like that. But that's the nature of the Sports

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8/12/17 5:16:11 PM 
In reply to ProWI

Bolt was clearly not 100% fit for these Championships...still the Greatest!

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8/12/17 7:33:34 PM 
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I would agree with that. In the middle of most races, he looked a lumbering giant, nothing smooth in his actions and he was gritting his teeth coming to the end of the races. Not the relaxed and confident Bolt of old.

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8/13/17 1:21:41 AM 
Winning is intoxicating, very few athletes have the discipline to quit while in their prime.

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8/13/17 3:22:52 AM 
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He has earned the right to quit when he wants to..this will take nothing away from his status as the Greatest T & F athlete ever!

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