HEADLINE: WI's direct WC qualification hopes crushed by Bairstow ton

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Well I have been stating in this Forum
what you have stated since 2003 . One
of the main impediments to Good Governance of Cricket in the Region ,is the fact that the Emperors have
many Boot Lickers in the Media who worship even the very Ground they walk on .

I have absolutely no doubt that IF
in the Region there were REAL SPORTS
JOURNALISTS , those on ALL Cricket Boards in the Region would adhere to
Good Governance .

The WICBC /CWI commissioned Several
Reports regarding its Structure ; Have You ever heard any of the FAUX
Sports Journalists , asked those in the WICBC/CWI why the WICBC/CWI bluntly refused to implement the salient features of those Recommendations ????

I at least; am deafened by the
Silence of Persons who claim to be Sports Journalists blunt refusal to be critical of the WICBC/CWI .

Quite frankly their Individual & Collective Silence has empowered those in the WICBC/CWI to carry on as usual ; hugging up their archaic 83 years old Structure .

In the Works is yet another Report commissioned by the WICBC /CWI this
One is called the Wehby Report , which is more than likely to be deep sixed by the WICBC/CWI .

I have absolutely no doubt that The Boot Lickers of the WICBC/CWI are not going to utter one word of Criticism
to the WICBC/CWI .

I have not read or heard , any of the
Boot Lickers of the WICBC/CWI in the
Media talk about the fact that the
HPC is no more .

Yet criticism is heaped on the Players when they are not competitive in the International Cricket Arena . This is because the Boot Lickers find it very easy to train their Fire on the Players than their Masters in the

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