This is why the US is officially more dangerous

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10/5/17 11:42:54 AM 
In reply to bravos

Worst affected was the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, were around 60 percent of victims
POS not the "heart of your society?" cool

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10/5/17 11:51:24 AM 
In reply to RemainsUnknown

Pal you clearly don't understand,East POS has the deadliest gang ghettos in T&T,places only residents go,from Beetham to Nelson St and are the areas which I's on the fringes and many elevated areas overlooking POS,and yet none of the murderers with machine guns have shot anyone other than their fellow gangsters past Nelson st. People who are 'straight' are left alone and even protected,"nah he nuh in nutten".

the manning admin had a gentrificatinon plan for the area but he wasn't there to see it through,it was going to be transformed to good real estate. When I speak of gang holes East POS is the #1..and make no mistake we're talking about one or 2 blocks if so much,it's like driving past a cloud at the precise line where it stops raining..they do not leave their holes,they cannot venture far.

This is going full cirlce..

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10/5/17 2:43:47 PM 
In reply to bravos

Fair enough. You gave an insider perspective. All well and good.

An outsider like me and ANY other visitors, will read "Gangs in Port of Spain"... and they would think twice about going. No need to dig any deeper for any explanation.

Perception is REALITY.

TnT is also known for stories of kidnapping. That's another black-eye on your dear Twin Island Republic.

Just sayin...

When people say TnT... it's the first thing(s) that comes to their mind what matters.

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10/5/17 2:54:03 PM 
Oh rass... after Bravos said crime happens only in certain areas I decided to do a quick google search on TnT.

Here is an example of the TOP result of "How dangerous is Trinidad:"

Crime in Trinidad & Tobago: Here's How to Stay Safe

Trinidad and Tobago has some pretty disturbing crime statistics, and frightening stories when it comes to attacks on tourists. But, there are ways to stay safe, so don’t cross it off your travel wish-list just yet.

Attacks on tourists are increasing on both islands, with crime being a major issue all year round, not just in peak tourist season around Carnival and Christmas.

If you are traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, travel there with someone you trust, never do things alone, do all sightseeing during daylight hours, and always carry a mobile phone in case of an emergency.

Crime Hot Spots
Highway Robbery
ATM Scam
Other Crime Issues

more here:article

Crime Hot Spots in Trinidad and Tobago

Many incidents involving firearms occur in tourist populated sites such as Fort George, the Pitch Lake, Las Cuevas beach, shopping malls, nightclubs and restaurants, which are primarily targets for robberies.

There are a few regions known to be more dangerous in the capital, Port of Spain on Trinidad, including; Laventille, Morvant, Sea Lots, South Belmont, and the inside of the Queen’s Park Savannah. At night steer clear of scenic rest stops and downtown Port of Spain.

Isolated beaches known for high crime rates are Englishman's Bay, Las Cuevas, just beyond Maracas Bay, and King Peter's Bay.

At the Hotel, at the Airport, at Maracas Beach...The Beetham Highway, At the ATM......Say it isn't so......
shock shock shock shock shock

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10/5/17 8:33:54 PM 
In reply to RemainsUnknown

Maybe isolated your key words and see for Maracas beach,shopping malls etc with robbery shooting etc,never heard about that..well Beetham is Beetham no arguments there,an area smaller than 2 NY city blocks between a highway and a main road..

English man's bay in Tobago? Really? Maybe isolated incident, Las Cuevas bay really? Never heard about that,the police on the North Coast lives are like a vacation,they have nothing to do,couple weed men up there and the odd bust but that's it..

Bro just google and find me the related articles,I know a foreign couple was attacked in Tobago and that threw off everything Tobago is really known really hurt Tobagonians..

T&T's robbery and similar crime rates over the last few years have been the lowest in 30 years,robberies,burglaries,theft etc..actually Trinidad and the Caribbean are below the world average for such if it's happening here it's happening more elsewhere also..and I can bring up similar blogs about Barbados etc..

Anything I type I can back up ok...T&T ain't no Rio or Caracas ok..not close..

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10/5/17 11:08:38 PM 
In reply to RemainsUnknown

Maaan tits setta bonkers psychos dem waste disyah fine fox shock

link text

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10/5/17 11:34:00 PM 
In reply to che

You cuck that was her man at home,wasn't a mass killing of random people at a nice public place,stay on point cuck.

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10/6/17 11:44:06 AM 
In reply to che

The amount of gun violence in America is exceptional in the world, it has a profound impact on our way of life, and inflicts massive amounts of suffering.
Most studies show that countries that combine easy access to weapons and a large wealth gap also have high levels of gun violence.

Those are the knobs we have available to turn, and politicians have a responsibility to create laws to protect it's citizens in spite of cultural wars.

While I appreciate the fear a sect of the US have of losing their second amendment rights, but if as a nation continue to allow that irrational fear to control laws, USA will need to live with 110,000 people being shot a year of which 35,000 will die.

Semi-automatic weapons have no place in the hands of citizens. They are too lethal. Banning them will not 'stop' attacks by deranged lunatics. However, a ban would , very significantly limit the carnage.

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10/6/17 11:58:55 AM 
With rights comes responsibility. For a very long time we accepted that there was nothing we could do about drunk drivers killing people in car accidents. Alcohol is legal therefore drunk drivers were a price we had to accept. M.A.D.D. changed the conversation in this country.

Before M.A.D.D. an estimated 21,000 people died each year due to drunk drivers. Thanks to this group the drinking age was raised, stronger legislation was passed for those who were guilty of DUI's, and a national definition of .08 was established to determine what the definition of legally drunk is.

Owing to the 2nd amendment guns will always be a part of the US culture. But to refuse to allow the CDC to research and determine what regulations need to be put in place at the national level to save lives is ridiculous.

USA should require that all guns must be kept in a gun cabinet, anyone who uses a gun in a crime should be charged at the federal level, rapid-fire guns should be as heavily regulated as automatic weapons and sawed-off shotguns, and should limit the number of bullets held in a magazine.

In the US one sees the do-nothing attitude that so many on the right have about gun violence. Choosing to do nothing makes US political leaders complicit in the death of every American who could have been saved if the US had sensible regulations.
The above makes to much sense, America will not comply to such .

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10/6/17 12:25:01 PM 
In reply to sgtdjones

Tell em Jonesy !!

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10/6/17 12:42:04 PM 
The Founding Fathers fashioned a Second Amendment right to bear arms in a rural farming hunting and gathering nation full of enslaved Africans and free Natives without any full time professional local police force or national military, in order to defend the divine natural equal certain unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men like them who owned property.

The white American majority is aging and shrinking with a below replacement level birthrate and shortened life expectancy due to drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, and suicide. Perhaps "dark loneliness and evil" fearfully marks and makes America's white majority armed soul more than we know, imagine and can accept.

What chance, pray tell, do more restrictive gun laws stand when a third of Americans deny dinosaurs ever existed, just because it ruins the first few pages of a 2000-year-old fantasy called the Bible.

Then when people who ought to be psychiatric patients are in charge of the asylum, don't expect much to change.

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