Jack Warner feels like partying after T&T win

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Jack Warner feels like partying after T&T win

This was the reaction of former FIFA Vice President and former CONCACAF President Jack Warner Trinidad and Tobago extermination of the US soccer team's chance at qualifying for World Cup 2018 in Russia.

“I have not been in better spirits. This is the happiest day of my life”, said Warner. “It (the win) couldn't have given me great joy”.

The former CONCACAF President said that the US had “reduced football in CONCACAF to a nightmare”.

Warner also said that the win for him was personal payback.

“And for me personally, it has reduced the US to a laughing stock. Last September 27 when the judge ruled against Jack Warner there was a party in the US, they were quite happy”, he said.

“”Knowing that this has happened I wanted to go out and party as they partied last September when a judge ruled against me. I wanted to party. This was my personal feeling”.

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Go Jack!!

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US has a party waiting for Warner, a very long one too, LOL

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Jack staying in T&T. He not going anywhere,

lol lol lol

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lol cool

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The second Goal was a tremendous shot at the USA Goal, which was unstoppable.

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