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11/7/17 12:07:20 PM 

St John’s, ANTIGUA - Cricket West Indies (CWI) continues its role and function to grow the coverage of the Digicel Regional 4Day Championships, via the match centre on www.cricketwestindies.org

Cricket fans can follow ball by ball scores either on the website or via the WINDIES LIVE smartphone app, available on Android Google Play and the Apple App store.

Fans will find full scorecards for each match, in addition to team, tournament and player statistics after each match and round of play. The tournament points standings are also updated after each round to reflect results and points leaders.

The live video streaming will be expanded to three cameras mid-way the tournament, giving fans will receive a better viewing experience. Audio commentary will also be available. Viewers will also be able to access wicket replays and full replay of matches available on the match centre platform from today (Tuesday, November 7).

Commercial Director, Dominic Warne, says, “we’re delighted to increase the opportunities for our fans to watch live cricket. Streaming these Digicel Regional 4 Day Championship matches ensures that both avid fans and newcomers to cricket have the chance to follow every game and watch their local stars and future WINDIES heroes, wherever they are in the world.”

This will also serve as the platform to reach not only the West Indian diaspora abroad, but to also make inroads in the Asian cricket market as well as non-traditional cricket markets.

“The Digicel Regional 4Day Championships continue to be the premier tournament that fuels our cricket, particularly our Test team. We believe in growing and nurturing this product that has proven to be a success in the past and will only continue to aid West Indies Cricket in the future,” noted Warne.

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11/7/17 12:44:26 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

no need to improve the coverage when the quality of the games being covered has fallen off so badly!

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11/7/17 1:02:16 PM 
In reply to camos I beg to disagree...improved coverage works OK for me

link Courtesy Joined: Apr 16, 2009
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11/7/17 1:22:01 PM 
By now there are sufficient feathers from me on Dave Cameron's hat.

Dave don't take this as a let up to holding you accountable for your stewardship of West Indies cricket...but for now, I tip my hat to you.

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11/7/17 1:23:59 PM 
About time.

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11/7/17 1:38:46 PM 
In reply to goliath

I agree for years there was little to no coverage
this is like from 20 to 100 I'll take it.
I think this is good. And I applaud the CWI for work done in this field..
And I think it's a bit disingenuous for someone to say they can't see the little improvements in the game since the start of the pro system. Rome wasn't built in a day and a lot more days to go.

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11/7/17 2:12:25 PM 
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Hats off to Dave..

link jacksprat Joined: Dec 18, 2002
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11/7/17 3:07:57 PM 
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A welcome move. Kudos to Cameron and his team.

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11/7/17 3:46:42 PM 
Now if they would only fix the stats in the Team Stats and Points.

The Bowling strike rate eh right and we doh need net run rate for 4 day matches

link buds Joined: Nov 15, 2002
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11/7/17 7:20:22 PM 
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Marked improvements in all areas..
In one swoop Dave kicked Scammy and Fugly Asses..

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11/7/17 7:44:42 PM 
In reply to camos

Thank You ,I believe that You are absolutely correct in your assessment
the sad thing is that those in the governance of Cricket in the Region
are still fumbling in the dark , and they fail to acknowledge the fact that THEY are Wrong .

They continuously ignore the fact that in the longer versions of the game WE are at or near the Bottom of
International Cricket .

Their Supporters in this Forum are
living in La La Land ,and are diehard
Supporters of the Big Idiots .

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11/7/17 7:48:41 PM 





GAME ?????????

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11/7/17 7:50:33 PM 
Big up CWI .... things are only going in one direction these days and that is UP!!!

link positiveg Joined: Mar 29, 2007
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11/7/17 7:51:25 PM 
In reply to POINT

You know one thing you good at is your constant BA rants.
Do nothing you complain do something you complain.
You prove that you are someone who will find anything to complain about and not provide any solution. And if you do offer a solution would never babe One to put any work in seeing it through. U must feel good when you find other who help you fight your One cause.
No one is saying the product on the field is the best. But this one improvement is one even you have asked and argued about. How many times your long ass rants have gone on about the fact that the people running the affiara or WI Cricket ain’t doing nothing to showcase the product. Now they done it you can’t even say thanks and move on. Man ungratefulness wuss Dan witchcraft.

link buds Joined: Nov 15, 2002
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11/7/17 7:56:29 PM 
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In reply to positiveg

Well said..All he do is complain..
Dave not dealing with BS..He getting the job done and leaving the blowhards in the dust.

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11/7/17 9:50:45 PM 
In reply to positiveg

I would like to know from You & Others who think like You , How & If this Match Centre is going to magically transform Our Team's standing in the
International Cricket Arena ?????

I believe that currently in the longer versions of the game , WE are
at or near the Bottom ;in the International Cricket Arena .

The gist of what I am stating is that
this Match Center aint going to magically make our Players Fully
Competitive in the International
Cricket Arena .

If You believe it does then Show ME
how this Match Center is going to make our Players be in the top 5 Teams in these versions of the game .

I seriously doubt that you and others who think like You , can do that let me once again state this freaking Fact :




Sadly most of Our Players are bereft
of these Key Components , What is the
current standing of our Players & Team in the International Cricket Arena ???

Are You and Others who think like You
satisfied with the current Standing ???

What in your opinion must be done to
make our Players fully competitive in
the International Cricket Arena ???

Can you cite any credible evidence that those in the governance of West Indies Cricket have addressed the Issue regarding the competitiveness of Our Players in the International Arena ???

I expect answers from you regarding these Questions that I have raised here .

link Pacy Joined: Dec 1, 2002
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11/8/17 1:39:26 AM 
WICB for a change will get my support and appreciation for their effort to bring the FC matches live. The coverage of all the 3 matches during the second round was a huge improvement from what we had been having over the many years of the past.

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11/8/17 5:32:32 AM 
In reply to POINT

Why don't you park your arse in a corner and roll your rosary beads?

No one is arguing that this development will transform West Indies on field cricket and turn us into world beaters.

You have brought in your usual boring extraneous stuff to assist your position because you are arguing from a very weak position.

The thread is entitled a "...NEW AND IMPROVED MATCH CENTRE..." and such development will improve undoubtedly our viewership of the games.

Deal with the merits or demerits of such a centre...and don't regurgitate the ridiculous angle you have chosen here adinfinitum because you are so vacuous on this improvement as well as being caught up in a time warp.

And yes...Dave Cameron gets credit for this improvement in my books.

Give kudos where it is due.

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11/8/17 7:51:53 AM 
Ask the Bajans on this forum how long this has been going on in Barbados.
Two competing radio stations have been doing live reports from the grounds every Saturday during the cricket season for more than a decade.

Then technology became affordable that clubs started streaming play. This was taken up by the BCA using some of the same ppl to deliver streaming coverage of their important fixtures. Saw the same being used at the Oval during the two games this season.

So this is a get on board "no brainer". CWI has to look at cricket as an industry and develop the business around cricket to tap into related revenue opps.

This will certainly improve fan experience. big grin big grin big grin big grin

link positiveg Joined: Mar 29, 2007
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11/8/17 9:48:16 AM 
In reply to POINT

did anyone here say that the match Centre will improve the team standings?
I never did.
What we saying is that folks and you included been saying no one study the game in the region because no one has access to see the game nor the scores or stats in real time
SO they check one thing off their list of things to do and you can't even say good luck You come and copy and paste
Anyway enough of you cause all you gonna do is copy and paste some more still
cause you barely ever tackle the topic
as long as you see WICB/CWI in a header you copy and paste without ever addressing the current topic

link Kay Joined: Feb 1, 2015
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11/8/17 11:13:35 AM 
In reply to positiveg

De man doan watch cricket suh he not interested in live coverage. You ever see him posting about a good shot he saw, a good ball or a close call by the umpires? Never .... smile

link openning Joined: Nov 13, 2002
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11/8/17 11:33:45 AM 
In reply to rubberd
A few areas of technology has brought me closer to cricket in Barbados, Totalcricket, where you get up to date scores as it happens,CBC every weekend and streaming
I've watched more streams of Wanderers matches U13 and Elite, than regionals.

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11/8/17 12:18:00 PM 
In reply to Courtesy

he is doing better than ya relatives did ......

H&H regime.

cool cool cool

N leave POINT alone.
twisted twisted

link sgtdjones Joined: Feb 16, 2017
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11/8/17 12:25:53 PM 
Live video is ok but

The commentators drive listeners nuts

If they are reading this :

We doh care about how much food you had nor the recipes

We doh care if ya from Toco or St Kitts.

WE doh care who ya friends are and when last you saw them

WE doh care how much you love English soccer and which team you support.

WE doh care where you went last night and who you were with.

WE doh care which local team you are a member off.

Do us, listeners, a favour and shut up about yourself and ya stupid jokes.

Be Professional stick to the game in front of you and
dont deviate.

And for god's sake give the batsmen names and scores
regularly, instead of telling us about ya mudder in law.


I presently have the volume on mute.

twisted twisted twisted

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11/8/17 2:04:02 PM 
In reply to sgtdjones


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