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HEADLINE: Pollard no-ball attracts censure 2017-09-05 06:18:52 

Kieron Pollard’s decision to send down what looked like a deliberate no-ball to deny Evin Lewis an incredible century in St Kitts & Nevis Patriots’s ten-wicket win over Barbados Tridents in the 2017 Caribbean Premier League on Sunday (September 3) has been widely criticised in the cricket community.

St Kitts were chasing Barbados’ 128 for 9, and Lewis had smashed his way to 97 runs from just 32 balls and was on strike with scores level when Pollard started the eighth over of the innings. Pollard jogged up and not only over-stepped by a long way but bowled a slower bouncer that would have likely been called ‘wide’ had it not been a no-ball

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Wasp 2017-09-05 08:57:05 

Pollard rob the fans from seeing history and Lewis from creating it. No wonder wi cricket is in the mess it is. How do we know whether run outs are not deliberately cause to prevent a player from succeeding.

Lewis success reflects CLP success and wi cricket success and pollards action has some impeded that.

Real disappointed as a wi cricket fan

archangel 2017-09-05 12:36:36 

Lewis may have been denied a big IPL deal.
It must be something special to have the second fastest century in T20 history.
Look at what the man at number one was able to get out of IPL, Big Bash and all those others.

Halliwell 2017-09-05 13:56:32 

In reply to archangel

Powerful Polly denies Evin a contract

Well yes lol

camos 2017-09-05 14:49:08 

In reply to archangel

Lewis may have been denied a big IPL deal.

Has anyone stop to think he could have skied the ball and get caught, has that ever happened?

imusic 2017-09-05 14:51:50 

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Drapsey 2017-09-05 15:07:34 

In reply to camos

Has anyone stop to think he could have skied the ball and get caught, has that ever happened?

And with it, no controversy... Just like how Kraigg got out in the nineties, just short of immortality.


imusic 2017-09-05 15:15:25 

In reply to Drapsey

just short of immorality.

It would be immoral for hype to score 2 test centuries in the same match?

Interesting. I guess one wouldn't think a test match would last that long for that to happen so something immoral must be at play cool

Priapus 2017-09-05 15:18:26 

In reply to Drapsey

Just like how Kraigg got out in the nineties, just short of immorality

What was immoral about him not scoring a 2nd century in the match? Perhaps you meant to say immortality?

I'm sorry...i couldn't help it.

Drapsey 2017-09-05 15:23:44 

In reply to imusic & Priapus

Auto-correct again.

redface wink


Complaint here...

I made the correction before you guys posted. I also made a post prior to Priapus' post. The correction plus the post just disappeared.

imusic 2017-09-05 15:25:55 

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natty_forever 2017-09-05 16:51:25 

lol lol lol

Hendra 2017-09-06 07:58:01 

People talk of Pollard being a good cappo but his arrogance on the field is beguiling!!
He intimidates batsmen, provoking them to make mistakes so he can get their
wicket, and his general diminear is not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

His action in bowing a WIDE no ball to Lewis on Sunday to deny him the opportunity to score his century, was despicable. So determined was he to deny Lewis that he made that if the standing ump missed the noball, the square leg ump wouldn't miss the wide!!

While he does have some good qualities as a cappo, unless he gets rid of this nasty attitude, he should NOT be allowed to captain ANY team!

Ridge 2017-09-06 10:08:32 

He seems upset all the time. Rarely smiles.
He should just relax and enjoy the game
and life as a whole.
In the end it is just a game.

Hendra 2017-09-06 14:43:28 

In reply to Ridge
So true!